Do Comments Matter More Than Likes?

o Comments Matter More Than Likes
Jan 5, 2024 Reading time : 5 min
Likes and Comments

Undeniably, Instagram is one of the most widely used social media applications currently, with an increasing user base every day. Many users are very serious about their accounts on Instagram because either they are running a business through it, are influencers, or are constant consumers. 

Therefore, every other account is competing for followers, which is equivalent to being successful. But, for that, it is necessary to incorporate Instagram algorithms.   

Are Comments or Likes More Important on Instagram?

Likes and comments on Instagram

With Instagram, it has become very convenient for the user to like a post or video on Instagram just by tapping on it twice. Whereas thinking of a comment and then writing requires a bit more effort and time. 

And, because there is so much content on Instagram people are usually very lazy to comment on any posts. However, if there is something that catches their attention to impresses them, people drop a comment. Although it is important to have likes on the posts, but, the comments have more weightage on Instagram.    

How to Get More Comments on Instagram?

IG Comments on an IG video

Now, the question arises, how would you have more comments on Instagram? So, in case you also want your posts should be shown in the “feed” or the “explore” section of Instagram then, you need to work on increasing the attention span of the users on your profile. 

The gain in engagement means that your content is really valuable for the users. That’s why comments are given more significance on this platform. So, to get more comments on your Instagram, you can check out the tips that are explained here in this write-up. 

Post at the Right Time 

Post at the right time

You need to understand what is the right time for the posting that works for you. And, for this Instagram analytics can help you because you can check the time at what time is your audience is more active and engages more with your posts. But, for this, you might need to go through some trials and errors. 

Create and Publish Something Funny or Surprising 

A surprise IG Post by an artist

Do you know what compels a user to comment? Well, a provoking post or a video. So, wherever you post something funny or surprising facts related to your niche, it is going to attract more people and make them comment down tag a few of their friends as well. 

🤔 Do You Know?
According to Statista, people find funny and creative content to be more engaging. 

Try to Write Long Captions 

Featuring long captions at an IG post

Who doesn’t love a good story? On Instagram, you can take advantage of the leeway, as it is one of the social media platforms where it is very hard to reach a character limit. 

Presently, the caption size can go up to 2200 characters. Hence, it is a good place to share your life stories. You can also try to spark some controversy and ask questions from the people. Not only this, but you can also sneak in some calls to action. 

💡 Tip:- 
You can try to make your captions quite interesting so that you can encourage the users to comment on your Instagram posts. 

Share your Feed on Stories 

Added feed to Stories of post

Sharing your posts on stories is a new trend that is going viral. It is viral for a good reason. This is because due to the algorithm, it is becoming harder for the users to easily show up in their feeds. 

Therefore, you must share your feeds with your stories. Because due to this, more people will be able to see your new content. So, with this, you can get more comments on Instagram.  

Ask a Question 

Ask a Question on the IG Story

You can also invite more comments on your profile by posting a question seeking advice on something, or just seeking the opinion of your followers. Not only this, you can also ask them to tag their other friends. 

By implementing this you will be able to invite more comments. With this, you be able to increase engagement with your profile. It will attract new followers to your account. 

Always Comment Back 

Commenting Back

Another simple trick to increase the number of comments on your posts is by just commenting back. Hence, it will raise the number of comments and ultimately the engagement to your account. 

Try to find the questions in the comment section of your post or the video so that you can create actual conversations here. 

Wrapping up

IG Comments1

Well, apart from these tips to invite more comments, you can also try to research more about your niche and audience to create more interesting content. The words of appreciation in your comments sections do add value to your positive reputation. Also, it will help you to know your audience better and provide better offers that will ultimately benefit you as a business and customers too.

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