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Updated on November 1, 2022 | by Alex Jones

Cartcom raises

Houston-based full-service e-commerce services provider, has completed its series A round of financing, which was sponsored by Houston venture capital firms., a provider of e-commerce services, has completed a Series A round of 25m mercury fund arsenal financing.

Arsenal Growth Equity and Mercury Fund took the lead in the financing in this round. Scarlet Venture Fund and Moonshots Capital have also contributed money to the round. The business, which has three Texas facilities and one in Arizona, has raised $45 million to date. 

The money from 25m series mercury arsenal, which totals over $45M and is the second round in five months, will support even more.

The money will be used, according to, to increase consumer demand, make strategic hiring, and speed up expansion as an eCommerce services provider.

This blog post will cover every detail important for you to understand about 25m series fund growth round.

A Brief About Logo, a Houston-based company was established in 2020 and provides end-to-end e-commerce solutions. It provides a completely owned, integrated, and integrated suite of business software, services, and infrastructure to scale enterprises online. 

Omair Tariq, a former Home Depot executive and COO of, serves as CEO of the business, and Jim Jacobsen, a co-founder and previous CEO of RTIC Outdoors, serves as executive chairman. 

Tariq and Jacobsen founded to assist companies of all sizes in expanding their e-commerce capabilities more easily than the fragmented plug-in and vendor-intensive approach currently available. 

They were motivated by the gaps they observed across the e-commerce value chain as they built and grew e-commerce brands from startups to nine-figure household names.

Jacobsen shared the vision of through a news release where he said, “We know the pain points brands face in the e-commerce value chain because we have experienced them firsthand. We built to solve those problems and deliver unequaled value for brands from a single platform.”

Since their November 2020 start, they have rapidly expanded and changed how brands conduct themselves online and 25m series fund arsenal is a new feather to their cap.

They have the tested tools and technology to help you outwit, outperform, and surpass your competitors. No matter how big, how tiny, or just plain bizarre your business is. 25m series fund arsenal will help provide small businesses with much-improved tech solutions.

Solutions Provided By 25m series fund growth will support the platform in improving their business solutions. Here is the list of amazing solutions provided by

Business Solutions By Cartcom
  • Storefront: With a feature-rich platform that allows endless customization, 100+ integrations, multi-store administration, and advanced product and customer management, you can adapt your storefront to the particular requirements of your company. 
  • Customer Management: One can integrate all facets of your brand’s consumer interactions for streamlined interactions across all channels. 
  • Growth Marketing: Increased brand exposure, increased website traffic, increased user engagement, and improved client relationships for your company with the help of growth marketing.
  • Channel Management: Expand, manage, and optimize your product listings across more than 2,000 advertising, social media, and retail channels, as well as the top marketplaces in the globe.  
  • Fulfillment: can handle the choosing, packing, shipping, and storage, leaving you free to concentrate on building your brand. 
  • Unified Analytics: By removing data from silos and streamlining it, Cart’s Unified Analytics can make your ecommerce metrics actionable.

Vision After 25m Series Mercury Fund

Present-day e-commerce options favor service providers above brands. is on a mission to change that dynamic and give sellers control over their online business and customer interactions once again and 25m series fund arsenal will support this mission.

The money from 25m series fund arsenal will help the business expand to accommodate rising client demand and bring on fresh personnel. 

According to the press release, has an “aggressive growth strategy” and has already acquired five companies, including storefront software provider AmeriCommerce, a company that provides fulfillment services across the nation, a company that sells storage supplies, and two digital marketing agencies.

Conclusion enables retail brands to effortlessly and quickly scale their businesses and sell through every channel in order to increase sales and reach customers. 

By delivering the same extensive e-commerce capabilities that were previously only available to the biggest enterprise players, the company’s software and services level the playing field.

I hope that this new 25m series fund arsenal may help them to bring out more helpful products for small and medium-scale businesses.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What is Mercury Fund?

An early-stage venture financing platform called Mercury looks for revolutionary software firms with outstanding founders in localities all throughout America. 

Mercury’s operationally-focused venture investing strategy has helped firms develop quickly and sustainably, generating over $9 billion in value to date.

2. What is Arsenal Growth Equity?

Arsenal is a private equity and venture capital business that offers growth funding to rapidly expanding software startups. It focuses on making investments in healthcare and industrial growth firms.

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