Music Download Websites: A New Symphony On The Internet

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DisclaimerWe do not support or promote the use of any website that encourages piracy and violates the social guidelines or steals the credit of any artist and it is advisable for you to respect the guidelines and not access any of those sites that are not legal. 

All of the information given above is purely from an educational perspective so that the audience can judge better.


What if Tansen had a way to make podcasts of his sessions that left kings mesmerized? Downloading and streaming music on the internet has become quite common these days. One of the many benefits of having an internet connection is that you can have access to music for free. 

There are countless websites on the internet where you can get songs for free, not just a single genre but all kinds of songs. You can just visit these websites to download songs for free.  This post will majorly cover your doubts on how to download songs for free as well as which sites you should choose for this purpose.

Why People Download Music Over Anything Else?

Some of you might still be wondering as to why choose music when you can tons of other things for free. Well, music is known as food for the soul and irrespective of the genre and region of the song, if it is melodious and has a certain rhythm to it, music freaks will cherish that song till the end. 

Music not only helps you set the tone for everything it also helps you in focusing too. Different genres offer different benefits, some are to soothe the soul, others to motivate the person who’s listening, and some just for the occasional mood swings that a teenager or any normal adult goes through. 

Music gives the listener a sense of satisfaction as most people can relate to the lyrics of such songs where the singer talks about real-life issues, the hardships of a successful career, or even how painful a heartbreak can be. Even though these websites are quite easy to access, they are still not exactly legal which is why it is better to steer clear of these websites in case you do not want to end up in jail.  

If you are a stressed-out teenager or a busy adult who just wants to blow off some steam and take some time off from a hectic life schedule and music is your escape, then you came to the perfect place as today we will be discussing some of the best music websites where you can download songs for free.

How To Work Your Way Up with Free Downloads

Well, most people would love to download music for free online, many of these people are still unable to figure out how to complete a download since most of the websites that are either fake or not popular usually redirect these users to a new tab where they usually encounter phishing and other harmful things.

Thankfully you have us and we have taken the liberty to set up a 15- level top-notch list with websites that are waiting for you to access them so you can download and enjoy each bite of your favorite song. 

All you need to do is to click on the links that will be given in that list and once you will be directed to a page where all you have to do is to look for the download icon and just like that you are good to go with a single click.

You can make good use of these torrent websites to download the music of your choice. So, let us begin with our quest of downloading songs.

Here are the top 5 best music torrenting sites that you can use to download the songs of your choice for free.

1. The Pirate Bay

It is no surprise that Pirate Bay is one of the most popular and frequently used torrent websites all over the globe. This amazing website allows the users to download other content like movies, TV shows, games, software and so much more apart from just music torrents.

It comes under the BitTorrent category and one can download the music of his or her choice fastly from this website. In case you like to explore websites too, you will see that this amazing website even lets you download high-quality FLAC format music. 

All in all, it is a great website that allows you to download songs for free and you can try to use the proxy and mirror websites of the pirate bay in case the website is banned in your region. 

Here is the link to this website-

2. 1337x

This is one of the lesser-known websites that have a dedicated section for music. The website has a clean and simple user interface which makes it for users to search and explore the music of their choice. 

To top all that, the website also has a separate section where the most popular music torrents are displayed and that list of torrents gets updated every day. The website even displays the size, date, time, and the name of the uploader for every music torrent that is available on this website.

You can either use the magnet link or even the torrent link to download anime, movies, games, and many other things.

Here is the link to this website-

3. Torlock

This website comes off as a little different when compared to other music torrent sites as only verified music torrents are listed on this amazing website. The content available on this website is legal and safe for the users to access. 

The website also has a dedicated section for music which makes it quite easy for the users to search for the tunes that mend their soul. Similar to 1337x, this website also displays the size and the number of files for every torrent that gets uploaded. The only downside of this website is that the advertisements may annoy you a bit.

Here is the link to this website-

4. Katcr. co

Better known as the completely new version of the world-renowned website, kickass torrents. The website itself has been designed by a couple of staff members from the kickass torrents group and has a very secure and simple database.

This amazing website also happens to have a separate section for music torrents. With a clean and easy-to-use interface that resembles the original kickass website, the only downside of this website is that it undergoes maintenance quite a few times. 

Here is the link to this website-

5. Torrentz2

This is another website on this list that was renamed after a torrenting giant, the Torrentz. The website is regarded by many as one of the most reliable websites that are available on the internet. 

Similar to all of the other websites on this list, this website also has a separate section that is dedicated to offering high-quality music torrents. The website even displays the name and the size of every music torrent that gets uploaded on the platform.

This amazing website even has a separate section where you can only get your hands on verified torrents. Safe to say, if you are a music fan, this website will never disappoint you.

Here is the link to this website-

These are some of the best torrenting websites where you can get high-quality torrents to download the music of your choice. 

now that we have talked about the music torrent websites, let us get to the part on how to download songs with the use of streaming platforms.

Although these platforms do offer great music, downloading from here puts you at a bit of risk since a majority of these torrent websites are not safe for you to use which is why we have streaming platforms listed in the next segment of this blog in case some of you change your mind about downloading from torrent music websites.

Given below are the best websites to download songs.

1. Soundcloud

This platform is generally known as the best alternative to Spotify which is another great platform but is generally overshadowed because of the excessive ads.  The best thing about this platform is that the music available on this platform is mostly uploaded by independent artists and rising bands or musicians. What separates this platform from Spotify is that you do not have to spend a single penny to get your hands on anything available on this platform, unlike Spotify. Although some of the music available may be difficult to get as they may require you to like a page or a profile on social media. The website also has a small section of remixed Hindi songs to maintain the culture for those who have a taste for the nostalgic. Just visit the platform and click on the free download option that is just below the song to get your hands on the latest music. You can visit this website using this link,

2. ReverbNation

This website is often given credit to the immense popularity of new generation bands like Imagine Dragons, The Civil War, and Alabama Shakes. All of these bands have one thing in common, that is they all started gaining popularity on this platform and acquired a huge fanbase for no cost for promotion at all. This website offers a wide range of genres, major ones being hip-hop, and pop. The website is growing at a rapid rate and at present, it has more than a total of 4 million artists. Users find it quite easy to browse and search for their favorite music, thanks to the website’s great interface. The website also offers a discovery section for enthusiasts for people who love to try out new genres. Just select the free mp3 required option from this website to download songs. Make sure to click on the name of the song or the album and a small download icon will appear. Click on it to get your songs offline. You can access this platform using this link,

3. Jamendo

This platform is regarded as one of the most protective websites that are available on the internet as it is protected by a creative commons license, which keeps you on the safe side whenever you want to access this platform. Although the site is protected by a great license, it only consists of independent artists so if you are looking for popular artists, you will have to look for other expensive alternatives.  The website is best for people who like to explore their options as the site playlists and radio stations are updated daily. In case you need a premium, you can buy it at a reasonable rate on this platform too. Enter this link in your search bar to access this website,

4. SoundClick

Although the website is not as cool now as it used to be, it still has a great user interface along with tons of brilliant filters that help the users in downloading the music of their choice as well to create custom radio stations where you can interact with other listeners and share your thoughts on music. The site gives you the option of either downloading free songs or buying the premium ones that are available at a reasonable rate.  You can listen using this website online without signing, but you can only download the music by signing up on this website. Use the URL that is given here to access this website,

5. AudioMack

This platform is regarded as one of the best-emerging websites that offer tons of great genres along with various other perks that captivate its users giving them the best overall music experience. The website has a great user interface that makes it quite popular among teenagers and adults alike. The website has sections like trending, top songs, popular, and even the world-ranked ones. The genres are also categorized in a subtle manner which makes it easy for the listeners to use the website. Genres like EDM, pop, and lo-fi make this site quite popular among the youngsters. Even though everything is not free on this platform, many artists still offer their originals and remixes on this platform. The best thing about this platform is that you can access it on any device. You can use this link to enjoy the services of this platform,

6. AudioNautix

This amazing platform was originally developed by Jason Shaw with the intent of offering the listeners a platform where they can have access to self-created music that they can share and download for free. The interface has been developed brilliantly along with the songs that are labeled too. The thing that separates it from other websites is that you can just access this link,, and get started. The website does not need any sign-ins or subscriptions which is quite a common site for other platforms in this pandemic hit the world. You can even use general keywords to search for music.

7. NoiseTrade

In this amazing heaven for the listeners, you can listen to top artists that offer their music for free and can even show your support to any artist by donating. The website is filled with original creations that are like a treat for music fans. The website is completely legal and free for people to use. You can only access the full perks by using your email address and postal code which seems annoying to the users but is a small price to pay for the love of music. The website lets you download the albums and songs in a ZIP file. You can easily look for new songs just by discovering the trending section. You can use this link to start streaming and downloading from this platform,

8. BeatStars

It is one of the more recent discoveries that came into the limelight because of the immense popularity and the extremely great features and filters that the website has to offer to the users. The website has one of the best user interfaces in the business and it comes with a dark theme so to set the tone for the perfect musical start. The best thing about this platform is that you can find all the download and view links all in a single place without any hustle. Although you will need to enter your email address as a download link will be sent to your email. You might even have to subscribe to a particular artist’s channel to complete the download. Click on this link to start downloading your favorite music,

9. Free Amazon Music Store

This is probably the only website on this list that can help you access millions of artists and tons of great genres only if you are a Prime subscriber. The website lets the prime members even download the songs to listen to them offline but for that to happen, you will either need to have a free trial or a subscription. Although this may dull the hopes of many listeners, the website also offers another way by offering the free songs section that you can access without having an account. You can download free music online from this section. You can either use this or use the app to download music for free.  The working and interface of this website are the same as the application. Just click on this link, to start your free trial.

10. YouTube

Regarded as one of the best streaming platforms around the globe, this platform has much more to it than just music videos. The reason behind the popularity of this platform is that it offers music of all sorts. But the main problem of this website is that you cannot download every song from this platform and you may also need to credit the artist in case you download the song and then use it for either personal or professional purposes. The link to this platform goes like this

These are some of the best-rated websites where you can get your hands on a great collection of music. Most people love using these platforms while some like to buy premium subscriptions of high rated platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, and Prime music but it doesn’t make much of a difference as these platforms rarely allow you to download songs on your device which is why people opt for other websites, commonly the ones that we just talked about.

Why Is There A Need To Download Songs?

Most of you will be wondering as to why on earth do I need to download and listen to them online when I can simply access my WI-FI and stream online all day whenever I want to. Well, the thing about this is, not everyone has a WI-FI at their workplace or home and they need to play it carefully to manage their daily data limit. Downloading a song comes up as a better option since it doesn’t consume much data and also gets you high-quality audio. 

Most importantly you can just enjoy your songs and take them anywhere with you whether you have an internet connection or not.  All you have to do is to access one of the sites mentioned above to download online music for free.

I know some of you guys must be confused about a lot of things right now so I will just cut to the chase and bring you the answers to some of the most commonly asked questions on the web when it comes to music websites.

Frequently Asked Questions
What is the best website to download free music?

The answer to this question lies within the post itself as there are tons of great options for you to choose from but if you need advice, then we suggest that you go with the top 5 websites that were mentioned earlier in this post.

How to download free music?

You will be needing a strong and stable internet connection before anything else. Then you can move up to other things like having a download manager software. Once you are done with this, you can get your hands on your favorite music by downloading it in mp3 from a website that is completely legal and is not tricky to use. We suggest local talent promoters like SoundCloud.

How to convert a video into an mp3 audio file?

Well the answer is quite simple. You can easily download the music video and then you can convert it to an audio file using a suitable audio converter tool that can easily be found on the internet. You can convert online as well as offline videos into audio without breaking a sweat.

Should I use a VPN?

There is no need for you to download songs of your choice using a VPN as long as the website is completely legal. But you can still use a premium VPN just in case to keep you and your data safe whenever you go online.


Music always has a way of reaching people in ways that no one can even begin to comprehend. It unites hearts as well as people. It is the universal language that can never be fully learned or reconstructed, it can only be rejoiced and listened to on loop. You can easily make your playlists and download songs of your choice by using the websites that are mentioned above or you can opt for premium subscriptions. 

Either way, you will get to enjoy your fair share of songs along with tons of genres to choose from, whether you need one for a breakup story or one for the love of your life. Music has answers to all of your moods.

You can download tons of songs for free with these music torrent websites and most of these websites are also free and safe. Is downloading music illegal

Well, that depends on whether or not you have been downloading a copyrighted song because if you are, then you are in big trouble as downloading or using copyrighted music without the permission of the owner can land you in jail too.

But if you still insist on getting the answer to the question that says “where can I download pirated music?”, you can use any of the websites mentioned above to satiate your hunger for music. In case you need the answer to another popular question that keeps popping up on the internet is, “how do I download music with Utorrent?”. Well, you can do so with the help of this blog, so you better start reading.

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