Easy Steps to Play and Download Music for Free with Mp3Juice!

Updated On January 4, 2023 | by Louise Simon


It’s no surprise that you want to have your favorite music playing on your phone since music has been a component of every known civilization Therefore there so many Mp3 Downloader apps and websites to enjoy music anytime anywhere.

How to download mp3 files using a smartphone? 

The songs we listened to could stir up our emotions, and that’s the truth. Moreover, the playlist we play may not be the playlist of others since we have our unique preferences of music, and as the world moves forward so, as the way we listen to music. 

Indeed, music has gone a long way since Thomas Edison introduced the phonograph in 1877, which allowed people to record and listen to music for the first time. In comparison to how we play music now through our smartphone and many other portable devices that we can easily carry with us anywhere we go.

Although our way of playing and downloading music can be pricey at times, since we already have monthly expenses to cover, such as electricity, water, mortgage, gas, insurance, car, WiFi, and a credit card bill for consumables, and adding a subscription service to the mix is a bit excessive. It is why an enormous amount of sites are popping out on the web to cater to this dilemma, and many are also thankful for this kind gesture to help others in need. 

Mp3juice is a part of this movement and promised to give quality service to people from other countries all over the world. Either they subscribe with a monthly payment of 9.99 dollars or 99 dollars per annum, or they choose the free membership where they can download 30-minutes long soundtracks and unlimited 3-6 minute long audio files. Aside from that, Mp3juice doesn’t promote third-party advertisements, and as a result, no one would encounter a banner or pop-up ad, plus anyone can download freely.

It is also the reason why Mp3Juice has become the go-to place for people who want to play their favorite tracks offline and without spending a dollar. Its easy-to-use interface adds to the package of being the best of the best Mp3 file downloader. Not to mention its gigantic collection of soundtracks that anyone can explore and find the song that can arouse their mood. Undoubtedly, Mp3Juice is a one-stop site that no one should miss out on.

You also don’t have to be concerned about your device being vulnerable to a malware attack, trojan, or rootkit. Mp3juice is a reliable and secure website that prioritizes the safety of all users. If you have any technical issues or questions, you may use the “Contact Us” button to contact Mp3Juice customer service. Moving on, here’s a guide on downloading soundtracks from the site safely on your iPhone or Android phone. To achieve far better outcomes, make sure to thoroughly follow each step.

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8 Easy Steps to Download Songs on Your Smartphone

1. Input mp3juice.me, first into the browser’s address bar of your phone’s current browser, such as Safari or Google Chrome. And in a fraction of a second, you will be taken to the website’s homepage. As you’ll see, the Mp3juice interface is far easy-to-use, and anyone can always use it with pleasure.

2. Afterwards, enter the soundtracks’ keywords, song title, band name, or genre into the search field in the center of the homepage. And to stop going through a bunch of useless stuff, I advise simply entering the keywords from a soundtrack.

3. Next, within the same homepage, you’ll come across a number of files with much the same description you can pick from. Then, from the options presented to you, hit the file you want to save. Hold on for a few more seconds. However, the strength of your WiFi connection is obviously a contributing factor.

 4. Afterward, choose the best audio quality for your soundtrack file. 

5. To proceed, hit the orange rectangle-shaped figure on the homepage. The word “download” is written on it. And when you hit the orange rectangle-shaped figure, a small window box will arise, as illustrated in the image beneath.

6. Now hit the blue rectangle-shaped figure that says “DOWNLOAD NOW” if another pop-up window appears.

7. A dialogue box in the top or bottom left corner of your display once you hit the “DOWNLOAD NOW” option. It means that the configuration is now in progress. You’ll even see how far along the downloading is before it’s finished.

8. Play the recently saved soundtrack. If it starts playing after you hit the button, it means that you’ve completed the installation. Sing and dance to the soundtrack you just downloaded without lags or disconnections. 

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See the photos below for reference.

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