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Thousands of photographs and videos are published on Instagram every second throughout the globe. You can alter colors, saturation, and brightness on Instagram, but you cannot save the edited photos or videos to your mobile phone’s gallery. Many people are frustrated by how difficult it is to save pictures and movies in their phone’s gallery or any other location. It is possible to save Instagram images and videos using a large number of apps accessible on the Play Store. Picuki is an application that can do this for you. 

Picuki Instagram Viewer Tool

Downloading and saving Instagram photos and videos is now possible. Picuki is exceptional in that it allows users to save photos even if they do not have an Instagram account. Even if a person isn’t logged into Instagram, they may still download photos and videos by Googling their username. Not only can you use the account, but you can also use popular hashtags to do this.

Photo-saving software Picuki is more than just this; it’s a lot more. In the same vein as someone who uses Instagram, Picuki is a picture editor. It’s necessary for editing images, changing backdrops, changing picture colors, and adjusting photo brightness and sharpness, therefore you’ll need to download it to use it. Other software has this function, but it’s restricted in what it can do. Picuki helps you to take your photos and videos to the next level by allowing you to edit them to perfection.

Image editor and viewer Picuki is sometimes known as pocuki, however, there isn’t a lot of praise for its domain name on reliable sources. Even yet, it is not blocked and can be downloaded and used to access the profile pages of friends, relatives, celebrities, and even complete strangers without having to sign up for the app or create a new account.

How to Use Picuki?

For the most part, you may utilize the app or website in two ways:

  1. Without logging in, you may look at the photographs and videos on any public account by searching for its name or user id.
  2. The second method is to use hashtags to search for pictures of celebrities, companies, and individuals who use the hashtags you are looking for in the photographs and videos. You don’t even have to sign in to use the hashtags; you can just search for them, see the results, and then save as many images as you like.

Editing Pics Made Simple Through Picuki

You can download Instagram photos and videos with other applications from the store or the web, but these photos can’t be edited with such programs. All you need to do is upload a photo and use Picuki to modify it. It is possible to alter the picture’s exposure, brightness, background, hue, colors, and saturation before downloading and saving the photographs.

How to See Instagram Story Without Logging Into Picuki?

With Picuki, you may view and browse Instagram profiles without having to register for the service. With only a press of the story icon, you’ll be able to access all of the Instagram profiles’ stories without having to log in first.

Advantages of Picuki

  • With Picuki, you don’t even need an Instagram account to see Instagram content.
  • It is a convenient tool and very easy to use.
  • Picuki doesn’t need an account to view photographs and videos, so there’s no need to be concerned about account security.
  • Picuki’s picture editor is another perk. You may use Picuki’s image editor to improve any photo if you believe it’s lacking in brightness or anything else.
  • Even though it is such an awesome tool to use for Instagram, it charges absolutely nothing from the user.
  • With Picuki, you can download Instagram videos, pictures, and stories to your phone which is not possible using Instagram itself. 


Without signing in, it is not possible to access Instagram content. However, this is where the Picuki Instagram Viewer comes in. It enables you to upload or view photos without signing and also gives you the option to edit your pictures and download them to your phone’s gallery.

With Picuki, you can scroll through private IG accounts, their posts, and stories, without leaving a footprint since you would not be mentioned to the people. It is a legal way for you to see others’ posts and also download them. It is one of the safest sites to use for Instagram.

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