Top Climate Software and Applications

Climate Software and Applications
Jan 25, 2023 Reading time : 4 min

Following the principles of reducing, reusing, and recycling is gaining significant importance due to the currently occurring climate change, threatening future generations. Slowing down these changes or mitigating their impact is impossible without the use of modern technology that is now available not only to governments and enterprises but to any user striving to make an impact. In this article, we will discuss top software that helps users shift towards sustainability and gain awareness of climate change.

Apps Helping to Be More Sustainable 

EOSDA Crop Monitoring

Crop Monitoring by EOSDA is an ag software catering to the agriculture market players. The app utilizes advanced satellite imagery analysis to offer users invaluable data on their fields’ conditions.

Here is what opportunities the app offers:

  • Scouting Tasks and Reports. Users can assign scouting tasks, perform them, and create reports on crop performance, hybrid/variety, growth stage, diseases, pests, etc. Scouts can also attach photos to the report.
  • All Fields Data in One Place. Every field has its own card with the crop and area information, also visualizing the field on the map with all the scouting tasks related to it
  • Interactive map. Users can view all their fields and scouting reports in one place and quickly access all the necessary data to detect areas that require specific attention.


Everyone has things at home that they don’t use anymore. But it would be such a waste to throw them in the trash bin and pollute the environment when someone else can still use them. Luckily, apps like ThredUP help to connect those in need with those who want to get rid of unnecessary things.

ThredUP is basically an online consignment store; you might even call it an online charity store. On this web app, you can buy and sell used clothing and accessories. You can be either a buyer or a seller, or both. If you are trying to make a “greener” choice, then ThredUP might be a good option for you as you will not be buying new clothes, hence supporting sustainability in the clothing industry.


Tap app is software aimed at mitigating such pressing issues as plastic pollution. One of the eco-friendly initiatives to tackle this issue is to replace plastic bottles with reusable water bottles. Tap helps its users to find refill stations on the go. The app’s refill station network includes restaurants, coffee shops, drinking fountains, and filtered water ATMs. Tap shows you the station’s location, the fastest route to it, and available water details (chilled, filtered, sparkling, or flavored).

Apps Helping to Monitor Climate Change

Chasing Ice

This climate change app shares the same name as the documentary film by nature photographer James Balag. The app was created to compliment the movie by allowing users to see themselves the disastrous impact of climate change on arctic ice. The app includes photography and time-lapsed video that depict the dramatic pace of glaciers melting rate and the effect of the rising global temperature on the area. 

Earth Now

With the help of this app developed in cooperation with NASA, any user with online access can track global climate changes based on data from the Earth Science series satellites. An app shows a three-dimensional model of the Earth, rotating which you can get acquainted with maps of air temperature, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, ozone, water vapor, and also find out what are the fluctuations in the readings of the force of gravity, sea level, and its salinity.


This app is essentially a hurricane tracking software that gives users the most relevant and reliable hurricane coordinates data and high-resolution maps. The app offers satellite imagery, radar maps, warnings, forecasts, and even wind speeds and precipitation data. 

Using this app, you will be able to estimate how far away you are from an active storm and see satellite images of it.

The features of the app include:

  • Accurate active hurricane data coordinates
  • Estimation of your distance from the active hurricane
  • Historical data on past hurricanes
  • National Radar
  • Most relevant satellite data
  • Free email alerts on nearest storms
  • Multiple hurricanes tracking simultaneously on an interactive map

All of this user-friendly software was designed to cater to our planet’s needs, helping all the concerned to make even a small contribution to sustainable development and climate resilience.

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