8 Tips for Photographers to Earn Money

Updated On September 28, 2023 | by Alex Smith


Being a photographer for the love of art is very nice but it doesn’t feed. On the one hand, it seems that there are many different paths one can take in the world of photography but, on the other hand, it seems very difficult to break through most of them.

To help you, ElephantStock online wall art gallery has created this list with some ideas to gradually earn income and also see what you would like to do in the longer term. With them, we want to show that, although it is a long road, it is possible to live from photography professionally. And although not all of us can be Magnum or National Geographic photographers, it is possible to do what we like. So if your dream is to live from photography, we encourage you to fight to achieve it. Things to Know Before Switching to Professional Photography. Here are our tips to get started:

1. BBC (Weddings, Baptisms, and Communions) of Friends and Family

Even if you are going to make a price for friends and family, maybe you get another one from that wedding from a cousin or another relative, and from that other and another … In addition, weddings are a very profitable business for a photographer. You have to work on weekends, yes, but it also pays off by charging quite high amounts. In our blog, we give you some ideas to make original and different wedding photos. The same with baptisms, communions, and other family events.

2. Event Photography

Like the familiar BBC, there is a business niche for photography of holiday events in business openings, parties, etc. In this, as in the previous section, you can start with the companies of family and friends, to expand the client networks later. Another variant is to offer our services to bars, discos, or restaurants that organize events so that they can make photo calls and sell them to their clients as an extra.

Other events where photographers may be needed are industry conferences and fairs. To make your way in this field, you could contact hotels or venues where they are usually organized and ask them to offer your services as an extra.

3. Photography for Gifts

Get yourself a good website and offer free photoshoots. A model book for an aspiring young woman, a couple of images for a romantic gift, a baby photoshoot for proud grandparents. With a good presentation in a professional photo album, you can win many clients.

4. Portraits for Business

Companies often need portraits of their employees for their web pages, magazines, etc. For this, they often hire freelance photographers. It is becoming more and more common that, in addition, they have a blog or social networks in which they need company photographs, a task in which you could be very useful.

5. Decoration for Offices, Restaurants, Galleries, or Collectors

Although it is not the first idea that comes to mind, many times companies or individuals turn to photographers to decorate their offices or houses. For both a start-up and an established company, it is very prestigious to have original work by a talented photographer on your office walls. Here we give you some options to print your photos. In this case, it is also important to have a good website to show your work.

6. Tourist Photographer

If you live in a tourist area, you can make a good deal out of traveler photo studio. Discover the best locations and the best places to photograph them, also some history, or contact local guides, hotels, or tour companies to offer joint services.

7. Artistic Photographer

We are not referring so much to taking artistic photographs as to taking photographs of artists. Professionals such as dancers, models, actors, etc., usually need a portfolio to attend castings. Get in touch with schools and students to make contacts and maybe little by little you will get a portfolio of clients.

8. Work for Others

If you do not want to be self-employed, you can turn to your contacts and ask them to recommend you if they know someone who needs to hire a photographer. If you don’t know anyone, consider an internship in a company that interests you to start. We recommend that you look for a site where you can either learn a lot from experienced photographers, or you can stay because they need a photographer on staff.