3 Tips for Residential Landscaping

Updated On February 14, 2022 | by Samara Davis


As a homeowner, you may want a beautiful landscape, but you can’t afford a gardener, and you don’t have the time or knowledge to create a beautiful landscape on your own. The key is to focus on residential landscaping that is right for your area and low maintenance, so once you get it set up, you can easily care for it yourself. This approach will allow you to have a manicured look without the manicured price.

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Here are three tips for residential landscaping.

1. Get a Professional Design.

You can get a professional landscape design without paying for the landscape to be put in and cared for. You can pay a landscaper to come to your property and create a design that will look great on your property while catering to the natural light and weather for your area. To find someone, you can do a local search. For example, do an online search for “residential landscape design Denver.” You can find a local professional landscape designer, so they will be familiar with the year-round weather and can create a design that will work for your property. As part of their design, they can consider drainage, a water feature, hardscape, and the outdoor space.

You can let the designer know if there are water features, hardscapes, or other features you don’t currently have but want to add to the space. You can also get an estimate for those things if you are unable to do them.

2. Order High-Quality Plants.

You want to set yourself up for success by ordering high-quality plants carried for and raised to be hardy. Sometimes when buying plants through a big box store, they are half dead when you buy them, or the soil is full of fillers, and the chance of survival is minimal. You can get plants delivered from companies like Lively Root, specializing in growing plants. They are gardening professionals with years of experience with annuals, perennials, and everything it takes to care for them. Once you get your landscape design from the designer, you can order all the needed plants from Lively Root. If there are any orders they cannot fulfill, you can search locally. However, having them delivered will save a great deal of time and energy.

3. Follow Care Instructions.

The plants will come with care instructions, and you can go online to get more extensive instructions if you feel you need more guidance. When the plants arrive, you can follow the landscape design you were provided with to plant everything where it belongs and then fill in mulch where needed. Once the plants are planted, they will need to be water while adjusting to their new soil and climate. It is then necessary to follow care instructions regarding water to ensure they have a strong chance for survival. Even when you choose a low-maintenance plant, they will need some care. You will need to learn how and when the plant will be trimmed to ensure healthy growth each season. You will also need to know if there is any extra care they will need going into the winter months.

Creating a beautiful landscape doesn’t have to be highly labor-intensive or expensive. Make it clear to your landscape designer that you are interested in well-suited plants for the area and will return annually, so you don’t need to replant each year. Let the designer know if you are more interested in flowering plants or greenery to plant accordingly. It is also essential to let the designer know if you are interested in trees being a part of the landscape design. Many small ornamental trees can be grown near the house without concern for root damage to the property or foundation.

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