Important Things to Know About Norwegian Forest Cat Breed

Updated On January 20, 2023 | by Alex Smith

Norwegian Forest Cats

Are you looking to get a new pet and a Norwegian forest cat is coming to mind? Then, we bet you want to know everything about this breed before you go ahead to get one. 

This cat breed can be so cute and Nordic, what with their shaggy coat that gives them the awesome appearance of a Viking on a mission to claim your heart. Historically, Norwegian forest cats are believed to have been travel companions to Vikings who kept them as a form of rodent control measures. We recommend you read this article to learn how Vikings helped the spread of cats all over the world. 

However, despite this seemingly wild past, this breed has a gentle and sweet nature that perfectly complements its great looks. But do not take our words for it, let us discuss some of the important things you need to know about this breed so you can decide if it will be a great addition to your family. 


This cat breed is considered a “natural” one. What this means is that their evolution happened over time due to natural selection, rather than by breeding programs led by humans. So, their appearance has adapted over time to suit the weather conditions of the north. 

Therefore, they have a waterproof, dense coat that serves as protection against the harsh Northern weather conditions. They also have full tails and such big muscular bodies along with their coats give them that “wild” appearance that people cannot get enough of. 

Vital Statistics

A male member of this breed can typically weigh somewhere between 4.5 to 7.5kg. The females on the other hand can weigh between 3.5 to 5.5kg. 

If you properly feed them with diets that support their nutritional requirements while also taking great care of them, they have a life expectancy of about 14-16 years. 


You may be thinking you would have to spend so much time on grooming, just taking a look at that long dense furry coat. But, on the contrary, these babies are low maintenance. You do not even have to spend too much time grooming them since they are quite good at taking care of their furs themselves. They are quite devoted to taking care of themselves and they don’t mind spending a long time doing this. Norwegian Forest Cat has long furry hair, which needs a little care. Use a rubber grooming brush to remove shedding hair.

Therefore, properly brushing their coats twice weekly should do the trick of keeping the coat looking great and tangle-free. Watch this video to learn how to properly brush your cat’s coat. 


The personality of a pet breed is an important factor to consider before you get a member of that breed. That being said, if you wish to add a member of this breed to your family, then you have to know that a big furry guy’s personality doesn’t reflect its wild appearance and history. 

Despite their looks, this cat breed is rather gentle and sweet and can be quite shy when they are around unfamiliar faces. However, once you gain their trust, they can be very sociable and friendly. At which point, they will be comfortable in the new environment and enjoy your companionship. 

Furthermore, they don’t mind being around children (even the younger ones) and other pets. This may be because they can get scarce should things become too active. 

They mature quite slowly, getting to full adulthood can take them about 5 years. Therefore, they tend to keep their “kitten-ish” behavior for a long time, during which time they enjoy playing a lot. The only downside to this playful behavior (that is if you even decide to see it as one) is that their hunting tendencies are increased due to it. 

Remember they have thick coats; hence, they do not mind roaming and exploring outdoors. When they go out, they may sometimes come back with a “gift”. If you happen to live around the countryside, you could get a fish even since water doesn’t put off these big furry darlings. 

Finally, you may be getting yourself a little climber and their climbing activities aren’t even restricted to the outdoors. You may find your new guy perched on your wardrobe or shelf simply staring down on its kingdom and subjects. 


As we have said, this breed is natural, so they are generally considered quite healthy. Therefore, they are not plagued with most hereditary problems other breeds have. 

However, you will be doing your pet a favor by paying attention to its weight. It is a chunky pet so piling extra unwanted pounds won’t be a difficult task for it. You want to be mindful of its waistline. Also, ensure you only feed it according to its life stage and age requirements. A perfect way to help it burn off those extra calories is by giving it outdoor access. 

If you decide to get a Norwegian Forest cat , then look for one with bright eyes, fluffy unmated coat, vigor, and energy. All these are indicators that the cat is in good health. 


If you are looking to get a Norwegian forest cat, then you need to know what you are getting into. We believe this article is a great place to start your research on them. Here, we discussed important things about this cat breed from health to grooming to personality, appearance, and the rest. If you decide to get one, you will be making a great decision since they are playful, intelligent, beautiful, and low maintenance when compared to other cat breeds. 

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