Top 5 Things to Avoid While Visiting Miami

Updated On January 9, 2023 | by Samara Davis

Avoid While Visiting Miami

Miami is Florida’s premier resort. This sunny paradise attracts people from everywhere. The city hosts more than 38 million tourists, who spend more than 17 billion dollars every year. You know the famous Miami Beach and may want to walk there. You can gather all your friends and contact 12-seater car rentals for a convenient trip. Here, we set you the list of what to avoid in Miami. That is a true saver! Keep reading to follow the tips!

Talking to Strangers

There are many migrants, both legal and not, in Miami. That explains the way locals may behave suspiciously. Do not approach the residents during the day, even if it seems that the person is friendly. We call you to respect all the people. Yet, be careful in some districts with a predominance of Hispanics and African Americans. Still, it is about the level of life and wealth, not the origination. Travel by car at night and do not stop in unlit areas. Use the services of passenger van rental in Miami or taxi. However, any vehicle that matches your needs, small or big, is good here. In addition, remember that the rate of robbery is high. Keep closing your vehicle’s windows and doors. Do not forget to lock them and hide all valuable things in a glove box. Likewise, it is not worth moving around the area alone. Take some friends or drive the car.

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Avoid Being Bored

Avoid Being Bored

Miami is famous as one of the most popular resorts in the world. There is a lot to do here.

Plan trips to amusement parks, museums, shopping centers, and attractive neighborhoods. Do not spend all the time on the beach only enjoying the bright sun, warm ocean, cuisine, and drinks. Before going, clarify the schedule and prices. To avoid traffic jams, go out of your room as early as possible. You will meet fewer people and get to the destination faster. 

Rent a 12-seater for your family and go to Kees! There are a million different ways to see underwater life. Go snorkeling, diving, kayaking, and glass-bottom boats. And in general, go to the Seaquarium, play golf! Once you start to relax actively, you will never want to stay on the beach for more than one day!

Follow Rules 

llow Rules

Every tourist should be aware of how to behave on the road. In Miami, always take the driving license, insurance certificate, and documents on the rental car. It happens that police may ask you to stop, and you will need them. Driving your rental car for 12 passengers, you should keep to the right side of the road and follow speed limits. Do not forget about these funny signs about the low-speed restriction. 

Another thing is about rescue towers along the coast. You can see them on crowded beaches approximately every 200 meters. The lifesavers are always ready to help tourists. However, it is forbidden to climb the towers even at night. Do not think that they do not work and no one needs them. Patrol police officers carefully monitor them and the order on the beach at any time of the day.

Do Not Neglect Forecasts

Neglect Forecasts

In total, Miami is always warm, humid, and rainy. That is so because the climate in Miami is tropical and monsoonal. You see, that means the average temperature in January is about +19 °С (although it rises to +25 °С during the day), and +29–35 °С in summer. In addition, the rainy season lasts from May to mid-October and from mid-August to the end of September. Another natural phenomenon, typhoons, happens often in this area. Also, tornadoes periodically occur. Thus, select the time for visiting Florida carefully. Most people say it is the greatest and safest time from November to April. Be ready for the higher prices, by 30% because more tourists make the services and hotels raise the cost. Arrange your vacation after checking the Florida Climate Center’s forecast. It may be not about pleasant vacations but safety. Take care!


Are you surprised? Everglades swamps are near, in the west of the city. That is the reason people regularly meet with alligators. But not everything is so scary. There were cases when they attacked people. Yet, researchers claim the number is small, and people rarely die because of them. Following rules, you will never meet these animals, as well as you will know what to do when you see them close to you. These predators live in most Floridian swamps and rivers. The best way to keep safe in a crocodile habitat is to respect their privacy and be careful around water where they may swim. If you are there, do not allow children to come close to the shore, do not let them play alone. And never feed the alligator. 

There are our tips for you to avoid weird situations. Use them, and have a great vacation!