Surfshark vs ExpressVPN – Who Wins the Battle?

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Jan 13, 2023 Reading time : 5 min

In this modern era, VPNs are used on a very extensive basis as they provide safe browsing on the internet. These highly productive VPNs provide features that assist any user and users want to have the best for them.

VPNs were introduced to give users ease of surfing on the internet with having their information secure and anonymous usage on the internet. Here we will be going through two VPNs: Surfshark and ExpressVPN. Both VPNs consist of magnanimous features Surfshark offers unlimited device connections and ExpressVPN has strong unblocking capabilities by providing the fastest speed connection.

This detailed comparison of Surfshark vs ExpressVPN is based on some factors such as Privacy, Pricing, Servers, Features, etc. So, let’s discuss the comparison in detail.


Surfshark VPN pricing is very affordable in comparison to other VPNs. Surfshark comes up with three pricing plans, its 1-month plan costs $12.99, on a 1-year plan cost is $3.99, and $2.05 per month on the 2-year plan. If you are choosing Surfshark then it’s recommended to choose its 2-year subscription which is the cheapest plan.

Whereas ExpressVPN has subscription periods of one month, six months, and one year. ExpressVPN costs you $12.95, $9.99, and $6.67 per month for one month, six months, and one year respectively. ExpressVPN gives a discount of 49% on its 1-year plan. It also comes with a 7-day free trial for only ios and android.  

In this pricing comparison, Surfshark beats ExpressVPN by offering an affordable price.

Privacy Policy 

British Virgin island is a very trusted place in terms of privacy-friendly policies and it would be a pleasure for you to know that the Surfshark headquarter is situated there. This allows Surfshark to protect users’ data privacy and strictly follow the no-logging policies. Hence you can trust Surfshark to be a privacy secure VPN.

ExpressVPN’s headquarter is also located in the British Virgin Islands and is trustworthy to a large extent as well. It has been proved that ExpressVPN doesn’t share its users’ data and is against logging by following the no-logging policies. Both Surfshark and ExpressVPN are equally trusted in following privacy policies.  

Both VPNs are trusted as they strictly follow a no-log policy.


Surfshark has provided its users with a VPN service that comes with a huge set of features. Surfshark features include DNS leak protection, AES Encryption, Split tunneling, DNS leak protection, Multihop, IKEv2/IPsec, Kill switch, No Borders mode, etc. It is the best multiple-device VPN as it offers unlimited simultaneous connections on just 1 subscription.

Features like Military grade protection, Unlimited server switches, DNS leak protection, split tunneling, IKEv2/IPsec, light way protocol, etc are present in ExpressVPN. Its features are great and functioning and our experience further ascertained this fact. ExpressVPN offers 5 device connections on a single subscription. 

When we checked, ExpressVPN features that it offers are better than Surfshark.


ExpressVPN has 3000+ servers in 94 countries and it supports the P2P connection on many of its servers.

Surfshark on the other hand has 3200+ servers in 65 countries and doesn’t support P2P connection on any of its servers. These huge numbers of servers are necessary for any VPNs success as it provides quick connectivity.

ExpressVPN by having servers in a larger number of countries beats Surfshark.


Surfshark is an excellent choice for torrenting. It allows torrenting at very fast speeds. Surfshark connects you to the closest P2P server once you have the P2P app. A 100 Mbps Surfshark VPN gives you an 82 Mbps speed on uTorrent.

ExpressVPN is the top-notch choice for torrenting. In a test 1GB file was downloaded in 15 minutes. Hence with a good P2P connection, ExpressVPN is exceptional in torrenting.

In the torrenting feature comparison, ExpressVPN is better than Surfshark.

Unblocking Restricted Sites 

Surfshark’s ability for unblocking restricted sites like Netflix, Amazon prime videos and BBC iPlayer, etc. is extraordinary. You can easily gain access to restricted websites by using this VPN.

On the other hand, ExpressVPN has given amazing results by unblocking sites like Netflix, Amazon prime videos, and BBC iPlayer quickly. Geo-blocked sites in different countries can be easily used by using ExpressVPN. 

Both Surfshark VPN and ExpressVPN are excellent at unblocking restricted sites.

Customer Support Service

Customer support is one major feature of any VPN service and the VPN service that provides better customer support service is considered better.

When checked, Surfshark lacked its live chat support but its email customer service is better. However, ExpressVPN offers great customer support service and responds to queries quickly. 

In this comparison, ExpressVPN easily beat Surfshark.


In this article, we came to the conclusion that ExpressVPN is a winner in the comparison we made. ExpressVPN offers more to the users than Surfshark. It has many more perks than Surfshark. If you want a low-cost VPN with great security then Surfshark is a great choice as it provides good features at an affordable price.

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