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Software Available for Health Insurance Quoting
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A medical information system is an information exchange system within a medical institution. It allows you to:

  •  enter, accumulate and process data about patients and their condition,
  • organize the process of their treatment,
  • decisions made,
  •  financial and administrative information of the medical institution itself,
  • as well as exchange data with other data providers, such as a laboratory.

And telemedicine software development helps to organize the whole process.

One of the main advantages of this program for clinic automation is its absolute versatility. It can be used both for large medical centers. And it’s for small consulting rooms or pharmacies. And this way even college students can receive insurance coverage in several ways.

The program has a very flexible and intuitive interface. They can be easily adapted for hospitals and clinics with different profiles. The owner can take into account all the features of the institution in the program. They adjust the necessary functions or remove unnecessary ones.

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    Possibilities of a Computer Program for Doctors

    Automation of a clinic, pharmacy, or medical office can greatly simplify the management process. As well as become a convenient solution for organizing documentation and administrative work. The program has the very following features:

    1. Creation of a unified electronic database of patients and those who applied to the hospital. There is the ability to maintain the personal electronic medical history of each patient.
    2. Recording of preliminary appointments to doctors or research. As well as the results of consultations in the medical record program.
    3. Creation of a journal of medical examinations of patients, individual plans for examinations, and treatment of patients by
    4. The program for the hospital allows you to attach test results. It’s used for ultrasound images and any files to the medical history.
    5. For letterheads and medical prescriptions, you can create a special template in MS Word format.
    6. The database of the program for the clinic already contains ready-made treatment plans. And there are examinations for a number of diagnoses.

    This program for the clinic allows not only to rationalize the work of the institution. But also it lets to raise service to a new level. It’s thanks to the ability to provide feedback to visitors. The client base provides for mass SMS-mailing, individual messages with reminders of the visitor with the results of analyzes. It guarantees mailing by e-mail or via messenger, etc.

    Effective solutions for the management and automation of the clinic: 

    • calculation of all services and automatic write-off of consumables, 
    • statistics on hospital visits with the ability to adjust the schedules of each department,
    • statistics on services and goods sold, analysis of payments, 
    • etc.

    Among the programs for hospitals, ours has the widest range of functions aimed at attracting clients: 

    • recording personal data, 
    • statistics on personal visits to doctors, 
    • the ability to record regular doctors and automatically suggest a return date. 

    The program provides for the possibility of using a discount system, personal calculation of bonuses for each client, etc.

    With the help of this program, you can optimize the work of managers. For this, there are such functions:

    •  statistics of customer attendance, 
    • the dynamics of growth of visits to each department or specific doctors, 
    • accounting of the most popular services, 
    • accounting for medicines and their automatic write-off, 
    • accounting of food products for a hospital canteen, 
    • accounting of expenditure materials for research, etc.

    Patients will be able to get full access to their medical history through their personal accounts on the official website. There each client will be able to receive information about the readiness of the tests and their results.

    With the help of the program, you can automatically keep records of the distribution of personnel. It’s used for the management of medical and technical personnel. As well as work with the bases of insurance companies.

    Automation of a clinic or any other medical institution is impossible without the use of a good specialized program. There are functions not only facilitating the work of the administration. But also they provide automatic calculation of statistical data on all important spectra of the clinic’s functioning.

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