Revolutionizing Communication for SMEs: What are the Strengths of Aircall’s Intelligent Communication Platform?

Revolutionizing Communication for SMEs
Jan 4, 2024 Reading time : 4 min
Aircall's Intelligent Communication Platform

As of 2023, SMEs account for 90% of the world’s business, creating more than 50% of employment globally. These are considered to be the backbone of our economy. With the growing workforce, SMEs are gaining a spotlight for many people around the world to look for job opportunities transcending the geographical barriers.  

To ensure the growth and continued success of any SMEs, communication plays a chief role. It is pertinent to have a transparent line of communication among staff, customers, and stakeholders. Truth be told, traditional phone systems are a far cry now. 

Enters cloud telephony, a savior for SME companies that is more efficient and productive. Aircall is one such platform where with just a click, you can have conversations with people around the globe. 

The following article will talk about why one should choose Aircall, a cloud-based phone system, for their business. 

Why Should You Choose Aircall?

Transcription feature of Aircall

Aircall is an easy-to-use platform, trusted by well-known companies. 

Do You Know?
Presently, they have 800 employees from 40 nationalities and are trusted by more than 17000 companies. 

Let’s look at some of the features that make it one of a kind.


The strength of Aircall lies in its integration with various tools. Specially meant for the sales and support department, you can easily integrate it with CRM & Helpdesk. 

You can also modify your desktop to an operating phone with Computer Telephony Integration (CTI). Simply put, this will link all the telephone systems to business applications. So you do not need any physical phone, instead, you can manage all the calls on your computer. 

Installing integration is easy and can be done directly from the Aircall dashboard. 

Calling Features

It is vital for any business to look for aspects such as Toll-free numbers, call routing, Interactive Voice Response, and call conference solutions. Aircall is a one-stop solution for all these characteristics. 

You can create around 800 toll-free numbers for inbound and outbound calling in more than 100 countries. You can even claim International numbers and can even customize which numbers are available to receive calls. Astounding right? 

Smooth Transfers

Let’s face it, nowadays, people have so little patience. Customers when reach out to you with their problems, they want you to pick up the call in one go and resolve the issue pronto. 

This Business phone solution enables employees to brief the next colleague to keep him all informed about the conversation, and then transfer the call to the next agent.

The next agent can now deal with the customer’s needs. This increases your prospect and the customer is likely to use your services.

Call Metrics


You don’t have to worry about missing any calls with Aircall. Call alerts are sent to your screen so that you can easily see the incoming phone call. 

When you are not at your desk, you can even forward your calls to your mobile phone. Its AI transcribes your calls and voicemails for you to access the recordings later. A link is logged in your CRM or help desk to check the details. 


The Analytics feature of Aircall helps you to keep a tab on the performance of agents. You can access the call center metrics on the dashboard. You can overview call time, missed call rate, wait time, and response time. 

Besides, you can even track and manage your team’s call activity. Analyze when your customers are most active and allocate the employees as per the requirement. 

Final Takeaways

Cloud-based phone systems have revolutionized the way SMEs communicate. Platforms such as Aircall are not only providing them with a user-friendly interface to converse with employees and clients efficiently. 

They are also providing them robust features such as smart integration with CRM and helpdesk, Analytics, call metrics, warm transfers, and advanced calling features. 

So, if you are an enterprise looking to elevate your communication game, then don’t contemplate and use this one-stop-shop platform.

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