Why are ADUs Becoming So Popular

Updated On November 1, 2021 | by Alex Smith

Why are ADUs Becoming So Popular

ADUs are becoming more and more popular today, whether for regular homeowners or for those who are renting out their properties. Adding accessory dwelling units to a house or building can expand the living space for your property, allowing more people to come in and enjoy staying at your place. You can visit CES4 to learn more about ADUs and how you can construct them for your home.

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You might wonder why ADUs are becoming so popular today. Here are the reasons ADUs are becoming more popular for home and property owners:

1. Lower Housing Costs for Tenants

First, the reason ADUs are becoming so popular is that it provides lower housing costs for the tenants. You can create new accessory dwelling units from various places around the house or building, so the construction cost is quite affordable compared to when you need to construct a new housing property. So, it helps the tenants who are looking for cheap housing around the area to afford a living place.

ADUs also give the tenants almost the same convenience as living in a regular home. In fact, living in an accessory dwelling unit can add more simplicity for the tenants, as everything is more manageable there.

2. Bigger Profits for Building Owners

Accessory dwelling units can also add to the building owner’s bottom line. The reason is that with the cheap housing costs they provide, they can attract more tenants to rent their place. It means bigger profits for the building owners when they decide to rent their property around the area. Also, depending on the area where you have your ADUs available, the renting costs can become higher than in other areas.

For example, if you have ADUs around the university or office area, it would give you even bigger profits, as you can rent out the place for a much higher price than when you have ADUs in the regular residential area.

3. Ease of Construction with Relative Low Construction Costs

Another reason for the popularity of ADUs is that each unit is easy to construct and build, and the construction costs are quite low when you compare it with the construction costs of a regular home. The reason is that you only need to turn a small part of your building into a dwelling place, such as the garage, basement, attic, and so on. 

Constructing ADUs can also give you even more benefits, as you have more living space options, which can expand the areas around your house. You can still get various benefits of adding ADUs to your home even if you don’t rent the ADUs to the tenants. Some benefits include allowing more family members and friends to come over and stay at your place.


These are the reasons ADUs are becoming so popular today. It’s becoming more popular both for regular homeowners and for those who are renting out their properties. For those who rent out their properties, ADUs can add more profits to their business, while for the regular homeowners, ADUs will allow them to expand their home further, allowing more spaces and rooms for them to enjoy with their family and friends.