When Nicolas Anelka Was Expelled from a FIFA World Cup

Jan 5, 2024 Reading time : 3 min

The 2010 FIFA World Cup was a very entertaining and colorful event. It had some unforgettable moments and others that many people prefer to forget. The featured event was then covered by most of the 1xBet – all sports betting sites, making it more popular. 

If there is a country that prefers to forget the tournament, that one would be France. The players selected by coach Raymond Domenech were quite good. Some names that were part of this team included:

  • Franck Ribéry;
  • Thierry Henry;
  • André-Pierre Gignac;
  • and Patrice Evra.

Another player that was also part of this list was Anelka. He is the main protagonist of one of the most bizarre stories ever had by a France squad in a FIFA World Cup. There was a lot that took place that made the WC match more intriguing, almost all betting sites were at their toes to release World cup related information to make its users aware of the events they were betting on, but 1xBet won the race and catered exclusive information to those who were wagering in France. 

A Disappointing Participation

France had its first match in the competition on the 11th of June 2010. Its rival was Uruguay, and the match ended without goals. This wasn’t a totally unexpected result, as Uruguay also had a powerful team. 

However, it was apparent at this stage that the atmosphere within the French team wasn’t the best. And everything simply exploded in the next match against Mexico.

It was the 17th of June, and during the first half, not much happened. This wasn’t good for the French team, as, at least in theory, they were the better team on the field. 

People who were wagering on the Uruguay team using sites like 1xBet – live bets for you, were in immense shock. 

The Conflict Explodes

The half-time break came, and Domenech wanted to modify his tactics to win the match.

Apparently, Domenech told Anelka that he wasn’t happy with his performance. After a few phrases that were increasing in tone, Anelka said some very offensive words to his coach. Of course, those words are too strong to repeat in an article of this kind.

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Needless to say, the French squad has improved a lot since those years. 

After such an outburst, Domenech decided to take Anelka out and introduce André-Pierre Gignac. However, the conflict had already erupted, and Mexico eventually defeated France 2-0. The goals were scored by Javier Hernández and Cuauthemoc Blanco.

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