Choose a Modern Rustic Interior Design Theme for a Unique and Cozy Home

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Probably the hardest part about any renovation or home designing project is to decide upon a particular theme for your home where you want it to be uniquely different while being comfortable and cozy at the same time. There are so many different design styles and themes to choose from that it may leave one overwhelmed about which one to choose. You can always choose the safer way and opt for a design theme that is being adopted by the majority of the people around you or you can play around with the less sought-after options.

One of such design themes that can give your home a unique twist while still keeping it cozy and comfortable is the modern rustic interior design. Think about a place where you see classic and antique elements with a touch of modernism. Where a perfect balance is maintained between the dark earth tones of nature and sophisticated furnishings. Where warm lighting adds cozy warmth to the space.

Now that we have got you thinking about this dramatic yet comfortable abode, let us showcase to you an interior design portfolio by Swiss Interior that can give you all the ideas on how you can create this modern rustic theme for yourself. 

Create a Shiplaps Wall or a Wood Paneled Wall

One of the ways that you can incorporate a rustic theme to your home is to add shiplaps or panels on the walls. Shiplaps is a type of wooden wall that comprises long planks that may be mounted horizontally or vertically on a wall. This style adds a raw and rugged element to the design while also adding a touch of nature to it. The following bathroom features such a planked wall that helps bring out character to the space. Notice however those other modern elements such as glass doors and modern toilet fixtures completely balance the raw look of the wood walls.

Add Elements That Offer Comfort Alongside Rugged Wooden Elements

A rustic interior can be achieved by adding lots of raw and rugged wooden elements as has been done by Swiss Interior in this portfolio. As you can see the wood dining table is complemented with a matching wooden bench. The wall behind the dining table also features wood accents and shelves that contribute towards adding a rustic touch to the design. However, to balance it out, comfort elements should be added. This can be in the form of round-edged furniture such as the dining chairs next to the table or it can be in the form of soft plush pillows, cushions, and rugs. The dominant brown color is complemented with shades of gray to complete the look that you want to achieve.

Wooden Elements

Add Modern Lighting and Multiple Types of Light Fixtures

Another way that you can add modernism to a raw interior design is to add different forms of modern lighting. Notice in the following image how modern lighting is used to enhance and create accents for various elements of the design. The decoration shelves are lit beautifully and elegantly. There are spotlights on the ceiling along with a spotlight on the fan. Alongside the complete console wall that features the TV, we can see track lights that help to create the main focus on the console wall by creating a dramatic effect. All these different forms of modern lighting when combined with the wooden elements in the design help to elevate the overall appearance and ambiance of the room. 

Modern Lighting

Use Barn Style Doors to Achieve a Farmhouse Effect

When incorporating a rustic theme into your home, it is essential that you add different elements that give the outlook of a farmhouse. When these are combined with other elegant and eclectic elements the result is a beautiful amalgamation of beauty, grace, and antique. One such idea is to add a barn-style door to any room of the house. As an example, consider the following image where a wooden barn door is added to a study room. Notice that there is only a single farmhouse element in the form of a door while all the furniture, lighting, walls, floors, everything is of contemporary design. This creates a strikingly beautiful interior.

Tall Shelf

Showcase Small Decorative Items on a Tall Shelf

Another way to bring that countryside style into your interior is to create a wooden, bamboo, or wall shelf and showcase small, decorative items on it. These could include all those things that hold some value or memory to you. They could be books, photos, decorative stuff, and just about anything. Don’t be afraid to mix and match stuff and place them to find the layout which best brings out the contemporary yet countryside outlook of the room.

wall shelf

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