10 Ways You Can Increase Your Odds of Winning at Live Roulette

You Can Increase Your Odds of Winning at Live Roulette
Feb 14, 2022 Reading time : 6 min

Whether you’re sitting at home playing on your computer or taking a shot at a casino, there’s no denying that live roulette is one of the most interesting and exciting casino games to play. All but the hardest of hearts can’t help being gripped by the prospect of walking out with a big win if they’re lucky enough to hit on 17. Today we’re going to look at some basic tips for winning more often when you’re playing live roulette, so read on and find out how you can increase your chances of striking a winning combination and, hopefully, making it home with a payday.

1. Carefully Read the Online Casino Rules

It is important to read the online casino’s rules to avoid having your account blocked or being denied payouts. The rules might vary slightly, depending on the casino’s affiliate program and country of operation, but they usually contain information about how much money you’re allowed to withdraw each hour and how many times you can request a payout. Some casinos also require you to play a certain number of games before you’re eligible for a payout, which sometimes varies depending on how much money you have in your account.

2. Avoid Chasing the Hot Streaks

The best way to increase your odds of winning at live roulette is to avoid chasing the hot streaks. This means that you should stop betting on a particular symbol when one of the payouts has just occurred. If the streak comes back and you have already bet on that symbol, then it does too late to withdraw those chips from the table, so don’t do it!

3. Know About the House Edge of Different Live Roulette Bets

Live roulette is becoming increasingly popular because it’s a fun way to make money. But you have to be careful if you want to make any money at this game. It’s in your best interest to know how much the house edge is for different bets, and what bet will be the most profitable for you. Live roulette has a house edge of 1.54%. The hardest bet to make is the Pass Line Bet. This is a 1:1 wager, as you get $100 if the ball does not pass or is even (even money bet), and lose $100 if it does pass or come even.

4. Bet as Per Your Bankroll

If you want to increase your chances of winning at live roulette, the first thing that you need to do is to make sure that you have enough money in your account. The size of your bankroll should be based on how much you are willing to risk on a single bet. If you have less than $100 in your account, you should stick with $2-5 per hand. On the other hand, if you have more than $100, you can invest more.

5. Bet Through Chips

Live roulette is a type of casino game that allows players to bet on the outcome of a rolling ball. The price for each player’s bet depends on the size of their wager and how long they want to play. Live roulette combines elements from other popular games such as blackjack, poker, and craps. There are two major types of bets–the inside bet, which deals with where the ball will land in the wheel, and the outside bet, which gives players information about which number will be chosen as well as what color it will be.

6. Ensure That Your Bankroll is Big Enough for Your Playing Session

Live Roulette is a different beast than regular casino roulette. Many people are convinced that there’s an edge in live roulette because the dealer doesn’t know how many numbers will be called or which number will win the round, but the odds of ever winning at Live Roulette are still slim. To increase your chances of winning, you must increase your bankroll for each playing session. After each win, do not withdraw the money until you’ve had time to take in what you’ve won and decide how much to place on the next game. This way, if you win, you’ll have enough money to play a few more.

7. Bet Through Money

Live roulette is a casino game that has odds of winning against the player. The more money the player bets, the higher their odds will be of winning. There are many ways players can increase their chances of winning in this game. One option is to bet on black or red. Another is to bet on combinations such as double zero, black and red, red and black, etc. Each combination is calculated to have a higher chance of winning. The more money the player puts into the game, the better their odds are of winning.

8. Utilize Martingale System

Martingale betting is a strategy for winning in roulette. It involves betting on the same number until you win. The system is named after its inventor Charles Martingale, who lost his last stake and then bought it back at the next spin. By doing that, he would not lose any more bets. Martingale betting is also known as “double sucker-bet” or even “variable odds betting system”. Martingale betting is considered to be gambling because it involves high risk and can lead to huge losses. If you are a beginner and want to try this strategy, we recommend you to play it only at low stakes.

9. Carefully Choose a Roulette Table

Roulette tables differ by size, the number of players, and the speed with which a wheel spins. You must choose one with a good table layout for your needs. Whether you are playing live or online, it is always best to play at a betting table instead of a side-betting table. This is because side-betting tables tend to be harder to get at. The best bets to place are those of the lowest value, as well as your own.

10. Bet on Your Lucky Numbers

If you want to increase your chances of winning at live roulette, you should bet on your lucky numbers because they have the greatest probability of turning up. If you are playing a game with a $5 minimum chip and the odds of winning are 1 in 11, then you would have to play more than 75 games before you would have won. The goal is to find those that have the highest probability of winning. The higher your chance of winning, the more chips you can bet on. If you have $10 in your pocket and an even 25 percent chance of winning, you can bet $2 on the red ball and $5 on the black ball.


The odds of winning at live roulette are much lower than the odds of winning at a casino, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t a way to increase your chance. The most important factor is to bet on the right number. If you have a bad run at roulette, try to play with lower stakes. There are many online roulette sites that allow you to bet on a single number, so if you have a bad run and want to come back again later, you can do so without too much hassle.

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