Which Version of Online Roulette has the Best Odds

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Online Roulette has the Best Odds
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Online roulette is a variation of the classic casino game that uses computers instead of tables and dealers. The objective of online roulette, just like its brick-and-mortar counterpart, is to predict where the ball will land on the spinning wheel and thus win the round. There are several versions available online, each with slightly different rules and payouts, so you’ll want to know which version has the best odds before jumping in and placing your bets. Learn about the top five options here.

1. European roulette

European Roulette is the most popular version of the game. While it is more popular in Europe, you can find it in most U.S. and Canadian casinos. Both recreational and professional gamblers from all around the globe enjoy playing this game.

There are 37 compartments or divisions on the wheel in this European roulette variant. There is a green pocket and alternating black and red pockets in the set. There is a specific dealer for each layout; thus, there may be many players.

The outcomes on the wheel are precisely equal since there is a zero on it. Zero cannot be considered odd or even; thus, its purpose is to prohibit winners of even-money bets. If the ball falls on zero, you lose all of your odd and even bets, giving the house an edge.

Due to the way the numbers are arranged, this version of the game allows you to place some unusual wagers. Before a round starts, the player must declare their wager to the dealer, who then places the chips in the designated area of the wheel.

European Roulette is the way to go if you want to earn money over the long run. Because European roulette has just one zero pocket, the chances are greater than those of American roulette. Gambling experts usually recommend playing the European version because the house edge is minimal at 2.70 percent.

2. American Roulette

The game’s Wheel of Fortune variant is well-known throughout the USA. If you want to play this variant, you may also bet on an additional number. A zero pocket is added to the wheel after you’ve already played it; thus, this happens.

No changes have been made to the game mechanics by adding an additional zero pocket to American Roulette, but your winning possibilities have changed. The extra zero pocket increases the house’s advantage, which is 5.26 percent in this instance. Like European Roulette, American Roulette features a 38-division layout with numbers ranging from 1 to 36 in each division, similar to European Roulette.

If the ball falls in one of the two zero pockets, you’ll receive back 50% of your stake, but only if you made an even-money wager. If you adopt the American version of this rule, the house advantage is much smaller than the European version, at 2.63 percent.

The five-number bet is a unique inside wager in American Roulette, one of the world’s most popular online casino games. Depending on your preference, you may wager on the ball landing in one of two pockets or the first three roulette numbers. The chances of winning a bet like this are very low.

This inside wager has a 7.89 percent house edge. If you’re fortunate enough to have the ball fall on one of the five numbers, you’ll get a 6 to 1 reward. The player may also make an inside bet using zero and the first three numbers in European Roulette. Since the house advantage stays the same, this wager provides higher chances for gamblers.

3. French Roulette

The wheel configuration and rules of French Roulette are quite similar to European Roulette. There are comparable wagers and divisions with just one zero pocket. The number sequence is also the same.

The major difference between the two is the layout. The basic number grid stays the same; however, the results are in French. Color bets are labeled Noire or Rouge. The dealer may utilize black or red diamonds to signify the betting chip placeholders. The twelve bet boxes are smaller, and the betting boxes are labeled in French.

The players’ chips used in the European version are also different. Usually, there are no denominations on the chips. Color-coded chipsets are used in European Roulette. To prevent any misunderstanding, the dealer distributes each player’s chips from distinct color sets.

The value of each chip is determined by the player’s entire buy-in divided by the chip count. These chips are worthless and cannot be exchanged for cash. Alternatively, some casinos provide cash chips.

Certain rules of French roulette do not apply to American roulette. You receive 50% of your original bet returned if the ball ends at zero. Also, if you reach zero, you may recoup your original bet. The chips are locked, and if you win again, you receive your initial bet back. The house edge is the same as European Roulette, but specific bets may reduce it to 1.35 percent, giving players a better chance.

4. Mini Roulette

Mini roulette has just 13 numbers. 12 natural numbers and 0 are present. This game comes in many forms. Some of them use a ball and wheel like a roulette. Many games don’t use a ball, and the wheel continues spinning until it hits the marker.

Mini Roulette (RNG) is a game without a ball or a wheel. The operation is similar to slot machines, and the odds and rewards are poor. Remember that a smaller wheel does not improve your chances of winning.

5. Double Ball Roulette

This game originated in Las Vegas casinos. It’s like normal roulette, but with one additional ball. It was created to provide players with additional betting choices and make the game more exciting.

While most roulette wheels are random, others are biased; experienced gamblers use wheel bias analysis to predict the ball’s fall. Because this game has two balls, the analysis can be done twice as fast. Experts disagree that bias analysis is a good approach.


Among the different types of online roulette. The European variant typically offers the best odds. If you are a risk-taker, the American version of this game is for you. And the French version is for those who like to play roulette in French. Mini roulette is only for experienced players since the odds are very poor. Double Ball Roulette is fun, but not if you are looking for a good payout.

As always, if you’re going to wager online, make sure you check for a reputable website that will provide a safe and secure betting environment.

Have fun! Good luck!

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