Crypto Trading Basics: Importance of Learning About Crypto Trading

importance of learning crypto trading
Jan 3, 2024 Reading time : 5 min

The rise of crypto in recent years has seen the emergence of many trading platforms.

These platforms allow users to buy or sell their chosen cryptos very easily.

But this is where the main issue lies.

People do not actually know about what crypto is and how it works. 

The importance of crypto platforms like Agave Coin not only allows you to trade but also teaches you about crypto trading basics and becomes much more relevant.

So, without any more delays, let us get back to the basics of crypto trading. 

What are Cryptos Exactly?

Well, they are the new kind of currency that nobody can touch. It lives on a network of servers known as the blockchain.

Cryptos are also not bound by any physical or regulatory entity or government and they can be very easily sent from one person to another without any intermediary.

This means that the person receiving does not even need a bank account in order to receive the money.

How Does Crypto Blockchain Work?

 How does crypto blockchain work?

Why Should I Learn Crypto Trading?

When you trade crypto, you are usually speculating if your chosen cryptocurrency will rise or fall without actually having real ownership of the asset.

Many trading platforms allow you to do so by using a derivative product known as CFD.

Cryptos are a very volatile bunch. Their prices can vary one second and hit rock bottom the next.

This volatility is the reason why many traders lose most of their investments or are even afraid of stepping into this chaotic market.

Learning about crypto trading can help you navigate this volatility, identify potential opportunities, and make huge profits.

Total cryptocurrency value dropped from nearly $3.2 trillion in 2021 down to $1.14 trillion in 2022.

What Does Crypto Education Platforms Entail?

Fundamentals of Crypto

Learning about cryptocurrency like any other topic, begins with understanding the fundamentals behind it.

What is it? What technology is behind it? How it works and all that good stuff.

Apart from this, as you progress through the lessons crypto education platforms start teaching you more practical skills too like identifying potential cryptocurrencies to trade etc.

Explore Content that is Relevant to You

Tune your feed

After learning the basics comes choosing your preferred topics. 

These platforms can let you sort through a library of data and choose which crypto topics you’re interested in.

With newer platforms, you can choose articles or topics that you like.

For example, if you choose DeFi and Games, your feed will only show you posts and articles related to decentralized finance and NFT can Crypto games only.

Plus, you get all these under the same dashboard without having to leave the site, and no need for any manual searching.

Get Access to a Multitude of Tools


While jumping directly into trading can be pretty daring and fun, it can be a pretty bad idea if you do not know what you’re getting into.

These education platforms allow you to practice trading with a dummy trading account.

It also gives you access to various tools that professionals use to practice.

You can easily compare the features of these tools and practice and experiment with them.

They also tell you the pros and cons of each tool and the most common trading strategies used with them. 

This experimenting and practice can help you get comfortable with crypto trading without the need to leverage any real money.

Plus, it helps you build confidence. 

With more practice, you can easily identify pitfalls and opportunities in the market and make successful trades when you start trading for real.

Ever-Growing Library of Knowledge

Ever growing library of knowledge

As crypto is a relatively new technology, there is news of new innovations every day.

This means that it becomes pretty tiring to keep track of everything.

As stated earlier, these educational platforms allow you to sort through topics you want to read on. 

The same can be done in the case of keeping track of the latest news too. 

Clicking on a simple toggle button is enough to find the latest crypto news on your feed.

Frequently Asked Questions
Is Crypto trading risky?

Since the crypto market is very volatile, it can be pretty hard to predict when the next rise or fall will be. It can be very risky for traders, newbies, and professionals alike to trade in them.

Are cryptocurrencies regulated?

While they are still unregulated. The use of cryptos is still questionable to be exact. Many unlawful transactions take place with it. There is talk that it should be regulated in many countries.

Will cryptos replace fiat currencies?

Although some speculate that cryptocurrencies will eventually replace fiat currencies, there has not yet been a wide enough acceptance of cryptocurrencies and this change looks unlikely to happen anytime soon. 

While some businesses rushed to incorporate cryptocurrencies as a method of payment, there has more generally been skepticism about their use and implementation – particularly from central banks and governments, who are responsible for issuing fiat currencies and regulating the markets.

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