Crypto Prices Rally – What Could 2024 Bring to Digital Currencies?

Mar 22, 2024 Reading time : 6 min

Bitcoin, together with all the other digital currencies, continues its rally, transforming the charts into green fields of growth. 

Crypto enthusiasts have witnessed massive sector changes over the last 10 years. 2022 brought to life some of the worst nightmares in the industry, with the FTX collapse and a decline in value for all digital currencies. 2022 brought several lows for most currencies. Following the bull market in 2021, the area got a major hit in 2022, with Bitcoin and Ethereum prices dropping by over 20%. However, in the past months, the market left everyone bewildered when Bitcoin and the other cryptos started to grow in value. According to exchange platforms, the Bitcoin price has been soaring, and investors are looking for the best way to buy Bitcoin to join the wave. 

Additionally, if we take a look at the predictions for 2023, it seems like the market will recover and might offer some profitable investment opportunities. 

profitable investment opportunities

People are Looking for Reliable Cryptocurrencies

The bear market had a negative impact on one of the essential aspects of the financial system underlying online currencies – their trust. At the end of 2022, people couldn’t help but wonder What will 2023 bring to this field? Which coin can go up, and which one to be disappeared? Investors have been turning to trust-based projects. Digital currencies would fail to reach their potential if they don’t enable trustless transactions. The collapse of FTX has demolished some of the trust foundations built in time. 

These projects could succeed if they make people believe in their tokens. Specialists recommend that developers offer secure and convenient self-custody features to boost people’s trust in currencies. Instead of asking users to secure their online assets, crypto providers should ensure the holders have the necessary means. 

Web3 and NFTs Gain More Popularity

Suppose you’re familiar with this sector. In that case, you know that all the speculation and hype around NFT projects triggered an increase in their prices, and several products were not late for capitalizing on the presented opportunities. Since their introduction on the market, all discussions surrounding NFTs have focused on their monetary value. But it seems like in 2023, experts will turn their attention toward the utility of non-fungible tokens. Organizations are more interested in how they can use NFTs as secure representations of physical or digital assets. NFTs could bring several benefits, from customer engagement to improving business processes and generating a profit. If companies focus on NFTs’ utility, we could witness a wider adoption of non-fungible tokens in organizational processes. 

Another factor that could have a significant impact on the widespread adoption of non-fungible tokens is the growth and expansion of Web3, which changes the ownership of assets and data. It’s also expected the focus to switch to the interoperability characteristic of Web3, which could introduce a new approach to how Internet users provide data and inputs. Web3 aims to bridge the gap between the online and physical world, and as its popularity soars, so will the NFTs. 

Centralized Finance Could Make a Comeback

DeFi solutions came to life because CeFi failed to meet the public’s needs. However, the latest reports show that centralized finance could show signs of improvement in 2023. Entrepreneurs and startups have registered great results in this sector, but legacy financial organizations have also entered the scene over the last few years. The main benefit centralized finance companies could get is taking advantage of their existing client base, risk management capabilities, and corporate portfolios. 

The comeback digital currencies have made since the start of 2023 encouraged traditional financial organizations to recognize their value. Financial institutions recognize blockchain’s several advantages for enhancing transaction speeds, cost-efficiency, and security. Now that the bear market could recede, centralized finance institutions could leverage crypto and blockchain technologies and take advantage of their numerous utilities. At the same time, they’re also aware that digital assets come with a series of risks, and they must assess their risk tolerance before making any step in that direction. 

The Crypto Winter Could Come to an End in 2023

Several crypto specialists state that the decline peaked at the end of 2022, and 2023 will bring good news for the sector. The predictions are made based on the past performance of this industry, which suggests that the average bear market comes to an end after around 10 months. Bear markets are usually short-lived and happen every 3,5 years. 

In the present context, over 500 million people are expected to own Bitcoin by the end of the year. Specialists agree that an improved understanding of the field and regulatory clarity could lead to greater worldwide adoption of digital currencies, which could only cause the bear market to end. 

Businesses will Rely on Blockchain Data

If one had to name blockchain technology’s most striking feature, one would most likely list open-source data collection. Blockchain technology was built to enable a comprehensive analysis of network activity. Companies could improve their performance if they find a way to leverage the data from blockchain efficiently. One of the most notable predictions for the crypto market is that organizational investors are growing more interested in using blockchain data because it offers valuable information about new trends, user behavior, and on-chain cash flow. 

Advance in Regulations

The latest concerns regarding crypto have covered regulations. Web3 applications and blockchain imply that all online solutions should remain decentralized and without any outside implications. However, several governments have implemented laws to control the use of digital assets and currencies. But they still struggle with how to apply these rules effectively. 

Sector predictions also focus on emerging regulations because policymakers worldwide are looking for ways to create frameworks for blockchain and solutions. But in order to create effective rules, they need to understand how the underlying technology functions and the areas which can be regulated. 

Bottom Line

The above trends are expected to impact the crypto market in the following months. Digital currencies might have had a rough year, but they’re on the path to recovery.