7 Ways on How to Reduce Distracted Driving

Jan 5, 2024 Reading time : 5 min

Distracted driving is a selfish act. It endangers not only you as the driver, but also the passengers and pedestrians. And the things that usually distract you are mostly trivial tasks that could be done after your drive.
By pulling your focus from the road, you increase the chances of accidents, crashes, injury, and death. You can avoid all of that by taking responsibility for reducing possible driving distractions. 

7 Tips on Reducing Distracted Driving

Eliminating driving distractions are a must-follow protocol before you set out on the road. It’s a precaution that will make you a more responsible driver and help you reach the destination safely. Listed below are the tips on how to reduce the most common diversions that could endanger you, the passengers, and pedestrians:

1. Turn on Silent Mode

Phones are among the most common driving distractions. From social media notifications, calls, and texts, it can be pretty tempting to check them from time to time. However, while you are driving, this brief moment of screen time could mean life and death.

Some drivers may find themselves too absorbed with the person that they’re communicating with, often forgetting their surroundings. 

So, instead of getting bothered by every ring, make sure to turn on your phone’s silent mode or emergency-only setting. This way, only crucial calls will come in. It’s also better to sync your phone with the car’s Bluetooth feature to have a more hands-free mobile experience. 

2. Use GPS

For drivers that are going to a new destination, using a smartphone’s GPS setting to know the route is the best way to go. Preparing your course beforehand can greatly help in reducing the anxiety and panic when you find yourself lost in a new location. GPS-powered apps can also help in finding the fastest paths that have lesser traffic.

So, if you’re a new driver conducting bus tours in cities like Toronto and Vancouver, it would be better if you search and plan your journey. Set your phone into speaker mode, so when the app gives you instructions, you won’t have to constantly look at the screen. 

3. Avoid Multi-tasking

Being late to work, school or date should not be an excuse for you to multi-task while driving. Some drivers who find themselves pressed for time usually do their make-up, shave, comb, eat, and groom themselves while on the road. However, this reckless behavior only increases the chances of accidents as your attention is diverted from the pedestrians and traffic. If you really need to do a task, find a place to park. 

4. Know Your Car

High-tech cars of today can have amazing new features that make the driving experience far more relaxing and enjoyable. However, even with its user-friendly settings, it still needs to be thoroughly explored. As a driver, anything new on the car’s controls should be well understood and checked out to avoid any missteps or wrong car commands. 

Be it for streaming music, checking the weather, or changing radio stations, if you’re driving a new car, make sure to practice these controls beforehand. And, if you’re still having a hard time, you can go visit online helpful mechanics like transmission repair in Oshawa professional to aid you in sorting things out.   

5. Avoid Drowsy Driving

Driving while being sleep-deprived is a huge risk. As the driver becomes drowsy, they may slip in and out of consciousness, reducing their road awareness. So, if you’re trying to drive during dawn or untimely hours, make sure that you get enough sleep beforehand. If you ever feel sleepy while you’re on the road, find a place to park right away, and rest.

6. Never Drink and Drive

Alcohol and substance intoxication is one of the riskiest driving behaviors. High-alcohol levels in your bloodstream can heavily impair your judgment and mental state leading to perilous and reckless driving. If you’re the designated driver in the group, it’s best to avoid alcohol completely for your and your passengers’ safety. If you ever do find yourself drunk, pullover or grab a cab instead. Or better yet, get some sleep until you are sober. 

7. Secure Kids and Pets

Unruly kids and pets can be major distractions while driving. Sudden noises, grabbing, scratching, and more, could divert your focus from the road. Avoid these incidents by making sure that they are seated securely.

Install a booster seat in your car and fasten them securely to avoid any mishaps and accidents. If you have not installed one yet, you may leave your child in trusted establishments like Leslie Street Daycare or a friend while you do driving errands throughout the day. 

Wasting a split second to check your phone or multi-task could mean life and death while you are driving. Make sure that you have your eyes on the road at all times when you are behind the wheel. Sure, there are imposed laws to penalize distracted drivers, and policemen are there to reprimand you. 

However, the responsibility to always prioritize road safety falls on the driver’s hands. So, run through this checklist before you turn on the ignition because distracted driving leaves you with 1 foot on your grave. 

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