Everything Worth Knowing About How to Find People on OnlyFans

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how to find people on onlyfans

Don’t assume that searching for someone on OnlyFans is similar to other social media platforms. The truth is that finding someone on OnlyFans is quite a complex task.

Do you know why? To explore the answers, start reading the article and discover how to find someone on OnlyFans by location, username, email, real name, OnlyFans finder, OnlyFans search bar, and much more.

Is It Possible to Find Someone on OnlyFans?

Though the website operates on a restrictive search feature to protect the privacy of the creators, however as it’s said, nothing’s impossible; hence, despite the rigid restriction, you still can explore numerous other ways to discover the content creators on the OnlyFans website.

If you are curious to know those several options with the help of which you can discover many content creators on OnlyFans, then read the 6 most useful solutions that will guide you on how to find someone on OnlyFans through different parameters:

Solution 1: How to Find Someone on OnlyFans Without Username?

Have you ever wondered how you can search for an OnlyFans user when you don’t have a username? This situation may perplex you but don’t fret; you can still find the creators without a username. Mainstream social media will help you in getting out of this dilemma.

Most content creators are active on various social media such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Since social media helps reach a vast audience, OnlyFans creators utilize these platforms excellently to promote their content. Therefore, they share their direct link to the OnlyFans account on their social media profiles.

How to find someone on OnlyFans without a  username

For instance, you want to search for a famous creator but can’t find his/her exact profile on the OnlyFans platform. Here, you can move on to any of the social media handles, say Twitter. You will search for the direct OnlyFans link the creator has shared through the profile. Clicking on the link will redirect you to the OnlyFans account of the content creator.

Others can add this link to their Instagram bio or provide it in captions while adding posts. You can also see creators running food vlogs might be sharing some extracts of their videos on Facebook or Instagram accounts. Some different recipes may also be shared through Instagram Reels.

From above, you can analyze the power of social media platforms when you are trying to find OnlyFans creators without usernames.

But this is not a universal solution to search for OnlyFans creators. You may fail to find some creators on social media who believe in keeping their content private.

On the other hand, some are not present on any social media at all. They may have a following decent base on OnlyFans, but still, they tend to keep their content as private as possible. You might become clueless regarding how to find these creators in such a situation. So let’s explore some other ways to find people on OnlyFans.

If you are also planning to make a fan club website similar to OnlyFans, then read the following article, “How to Make a Fan Club Website?” so that you can have an insight into how you can go further and implement the same. 

Now, coming back to the topic, let’s continue reading about the other solutions for how to find people on OnlyFans. 

Solution 2: How to Find Someone on OnlyFans With Username?

Congratulations if you already know the username of the OnlyFans user. To know how you can find any user with the help of a username, follow the steps mentioned below: 

  • Open an updated browser. Go to the search bar, copy and paste: https://onlyfans.com/username.
  • Always remember to type the username of the person you want to find on OnlyFans in the place of the username, which is mentioned at the end of the link. After mentioning the exact link, click on “Enter.”
Open an update browser. Go to the-zsearch bar copy and paste
  • To make it more convenient, you can also copy the link from the creator’s social media profile handles and paste the same URL on the search bar.

If you are accessing OnlyFan’s website regularly, it’s highly probable that you find its content quite interesting. You may be wondering whether you can capture screenshots of the content that appealed to you so much. If that is the situation, you should read the following article to seek your answers. 

The next solution we have on our list is how to find someone on only fans with the search bar. Sometimes you are not sure whether the username you have is the only one that belongs to the creator whom you are searching for on the OnlyFans platform. In such a case, you should use the OnlyFans search bar available on the OnlyFans platform: 

sign in to your account
  • Locate the “search icon” in the top right corner of the screen.
Locate the search icon
  • Type the “username” in the search bar and click on “Enter”.
Type the username and click on enter

You will receive a few results. Try to identify the creator through the profile pictures to look for the right person. Additionally, keep your eyes on other clues also so that it becomes easy for you to recognize the person quickly.

If you still had no luck in finding the person on OnlyFans, don’t panic because there are a few more ways for the same that you can try to find people on OnlyFans. Continue reading this write-up to know about some more innovative ways. 

Solution 4: How to Find Someone on OnlyFans By Email?

You are guessing it right if you think that finding an OnlyFans creator is possible through an email address. Let’s say that you have an email address but you are not sure if the creator has an active account registered with that email address or not.

In this case, try creating a new account through that email address. Don’t stress out about the confirmation email you may receive to allow the activation of your account. Use the email address freely.

You can test this by implanting the following steps:

When you use that email address to form a new account on OnlyFans, you will see two results:

  • Case 1: The mail is accepted

In the first case, you will realize that the OnlyFans account of the creator is not associated with the email address. The following are the possibilities:

             1. Either the person has signed in with a different address

             2. Or he/she is completely absent from OnlyFans.

  • Case 2: The mail is refused

In the second case, you will discover that the account is connected to the email address with which you are trying to sign up. It proves that the person is active on the platform either as a content creator or a mere subscriber.

Solution 5: How to Find People on OnlyFans Through OnlyFans Finder?

Let’s say you plan to explore someone else’s content on OnlyFans, however, you get stuck in the situation because you know the creator’s real name only instead of your username. But, remove all of your worries because you can visit the exact OnlyFans profile by using OnlyFans finder.

OnlyFans finder is a type of search engine that aims to crawl OnlyFans’ platform and discover the right profiles. To know how you can use this tool, go through the following steps and implement them in the same chronological way:

  • Visit https://onlyfinder.com/.
  • Enter the real name of the creator. Alternatively, you can also provide some relatable keywords.
onlyfans finder
  • As the search gets completed, it will show you all those profiles that resemble your description very closely.
  • Scroll all of them, and try to identify the results with the photos and other details to find the account you are looking for.

You should be aware while accessing OnlyFinder because it may lead you towards many NFSW (not for safe work) profiles such as profiles involving adult content. You may be thinking that such content has been content already, but then you are not completely wrong.

Such type of content has been banned earlier in 2021, but the decision was taken back, and it confirmed that adult content won’t be penalized anymore hence it is available on the site till now.

Despite adult-centric content in the majority, you can also explore many other forms of content related to food, dance, music, and much more.

Solution 6: How to Find Someone on OnlyFans By Location?

It may have happened to you at least once that you don’t know the exact username of the content creator but still are eager to explore their content. How can you access their account in such a situation?

You can use OnlyFinder which has been mentioned just above. You can enter the relatable keywords on account of which the system will provide you with several profiles. Thereafter, comes the process of prolonged scrolling for hours. You may or may not find the creator. The worst may happen when you find nothing in the end and all of your efforts go in vain.

Fortunately, you can improve your search by narrowing it down based on location. This will get you on top of the advantage because OnlyFans manages every creator to share his/her location when they create their account. Hence, as you will search by location, all the results will be displayed operating from a specific location. To know the exact practical process, refer to the following illustrated guide:

  • Go to OnlyFans Finder’s website.
  • Click on the “Map” option. It will open a World Map on the screen that looks similar to Google Maps.
Click on Map
  • Click on any “town” on the map. Based on OnlyFinder’s algorithm, you will find the list of creators who are operating from that particular location.
Click on town
  • To expand your search area, you can “specify the magnitude” of your search area. Try to justify it in kilometers. It’s extremely simple to customize the search area. All you need to do is edit the auto-generated distance available on OnlyFinder. You can easily locate it in the results bar available in the top left corner.
  • You can explore any location freely because the world map completely supports every country, state, and city.

Since we are discussing a solution based on geographical location, you must be thinking about the statistics of OnlyFans by now. To explore it comprehensively, you can read the article, OnlyFans Statistics Explained in Detail: Building a Strong Understanding. I am sure that it will add to your knowledge regarding OnlyFans. 


It’s important to remember that the results are shown based on the country chosen by the content creator while forming the account. It will automatically change if the creator starts residing in another location.

Disclaimer: You should be aware while you are accessing OnlyFans’ website. More than half of the content is obscene due to which the website is frequently criticized by the people and later on the government as well.
It’s another matter that the ban once imposed on the site was removed and all types of content were given permission to be shared since then, however, we don’t encourage you to consume such a type of content that is degraded in both ethical and moral sense.

Last Thoughts


In conclusion, you can discover your favorite models, artists, and other influencers on OnlyFans through several ways that are discussed in this article. Because more than 50% of the content revolves around adult-centric material, access to accounts of OnlyFans accounts is denied frequently.

The algorithm of OnlyFans works in a way that restricts the desired profiles to appear in the search results. This policy promotes the protection of data so that more users get inspired to create content on OnlyFans. The more creators, the more revenue generated.

Nevertheless, you still can explore many content creators. Anytime you want to watch any kind of content on OnlyFans, you can refer to the tactics explained in this article and try implementing any of the above.

Frequently Asked Questions
Can I search for someone on OnlyFans without paying?

Yes, it’s possible to discover someone on OnlyFans without paying provided that you have an active OnlyFans account. However, if you don’t have an active subscription, you can never access any paid account by any means.

Is it mandatory to create an account before finding someone on OnlyFans?

No. it’s not compulsory to create an account first if you want to find anyone on OnlyFans. You only require details of the creator whom you want to find such as username, original name, and location.

Why is finding someone on OnlyFans difficult?

OnlyFans aims to secure all content creators’ privacy to inspire new creators to join the platform. Irrespective of the subscription service you opt for, this option remains there and becomes an obstacle while you are trying to find someone on OnlyFans.

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