5 Helpful Fantasy Football Tips You May Not Know

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Jan 4, 2024 Reading time : 5 min

Whether you are new to fantasy football or have been playing for years, chances, use some help on your team. These Fantasy Premier League Tips can give you the edge over the competition and make sure you’re coming away from the season with your league trophy in hand. Here are some tips to help you get ahead of the game this year!

Use a Sleeper Defense

A sleeper defense is a team you might not expect to be very good in fantasy football. The best way to use this strategy is by selecting a reason from your favorite team, then finding another unit from another league that could benefit from playing against them. 

For example, if your favorite NFL team plays the New York Jets on Sunday afternoon, and they are currently ranked 28th in total points allowed per game, then you might think their defense would have trouble stopping your opponent’s high-powered offense. 

But by using this strategy as one piece of advice for improving your chances of winning each week, we can ensure our season goes as smoothly as possible!

Add Players with Easy Matchups

You can do a few things to get an edge in your fantasy football league. One of the most obvious ways is by finding players who play against easier schedules and opponents. This will help your team score points more quickly since easy matchups lead to more points for each player’s team.

Other factors come into play when deciding which teams have easy matches: weather, injury reports, previous performance history, etc. You should consider these things when deciding to add new players or trade away old ones for new ones who might be available at a discounted price due to their recent success in games played this season!

Pay Attention to Misses

Pay attention to player injuries, suspensions, and bans.

Players are replaced when they miss time due to injury or suspension. If you have a backup on your bench who has the same skill set as your starter, it might be worth trying him out in his absence. This can also happen if a teammate gets injured, so keep an eye out for that!

Get Updates on Team News

The best way to stay up-to-date with team news is by reading the information. You can also use a fantasy football app, such as ESPN’s Fantasy Football App, which will alert you when there are changes in your roster. If all else fails and you’re still stuck without access to these resources, check out the Premier League website for updates about recent transfers and other happenings around the league.

Finally, Twitter is another excellent place for getting information about upcoming matches. If someone posts something that seems interesting or relevant, follow them so that when something happens later in their stream/tweet history, it might appear applicable again!

Check the Weather Forecast

Check the Weather Forecast. Weather can affect player performance. If you’re playing on a Sunday, and it’s warm out, your players will be more likely to play faster than if it’s cold and rainy. The same applies to Monday night football games; if it’s sunny outside, teams will likely have their best practices in preparation for an upcoming game on Tuesday morning or even later.

Weather can affect game outcomes as well. A good example would be that if your team has only two running backs available due to injury or weather issues, they might need more time to rush for enough yards during certain plays because they’ll spend all their time passing instead of running forward.

Your Team will Do Better If You Take Advantage of All the Free Fantasy Football Resources

To win fantasy football, you must take advantage of all available free resources. These are some of the most important things to do when playing fantasy football.

Use a sleeper defense: This is one of my favorite tips because many different types of teams and players can help your team win. When it comes time for a game, look for those who have easy matchups or might get overlooked by other owners due to their lack of overall value on other teams.

Add players with easy matchups: Even though these players may not be considered “sleepers” by other owners due to their lack of overall value on other teams, they still have potential against certain opponents, so make sure they’re part of your lineup! 

For example, if someone else has Julio Jones ranked as their top receiver but doesn’t have him listed as one, then ask yourself whether this makes sense based on what type of matchup would benefit them most. 


Hopefully, you have found some helpful fantasy football tips to help draft your team. Remember that every season is different, and there are always new trends to look out for. Stay up-to-date with the latest news and information by following us on Twitter or visiting our site regularly!

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