A Data-Driven Guide to Improving Your SEO ROI

By Kamal
Guide to Improve SEO ROI
Sep 3, 2021 Reading time : 3 min

One piece of advice that new businesses hear over and over again is about how you need a website. The pandemic made that point when millions of people started shopping online almost exclusively. Of course, it’s not just about the website.

One of the very next pieces of advice that you get is that your site needs search engine optimization or SEO. While the return on investment or lack thereof of a website proves a fairly easy thing to measure, the value of SEO and the SEO ROI are different matters.

More than one company poured money into SEO and saw little in the way of ROI. If that sounds like your experience, keep reading for some tips to improve your SEO ROI.

How to Measure SEO ROI

Bringing in more organic traffic and, by proxy, more organic revenue is the primary function of SEO. Unfortunately, that doesn’t lend itself very well to measurement. In fact, even something like an average ROI on SEO proves very difficult to calculate because results hinge on a lot of factors.

In most cases, the best measurement option lies in weighing your post-SEO organic revenue against the cost for SEO services over time. Since SEO isn’t an overnight fix, you should probably allow six months to nine months before doing serious analysis. The difference between cost and organic revenue is the ROI meaning in SEO.

Get Your Content in Order

Good content is one of the major drivers of SEO. Search engines give preference to sites that offer valuable content and add to their content regularly. That means you should develop a content plan and assign content production duties to someone in your business.

If content development isn’t your forte, you can outsource the process. You can head over here to learn more.

Watch Your KPIs

There are a handful of key performance indicators that help assess whether your efforts will improve ROI through SEO. Your bounce rate is one. Effective SEO should help reduce your bounce rate since your traffic should consist of visitors with more interest in your product or service.

You should also see a rise in time on page or time on site numbers for the same reason.

The big KPI you need to watch is revenue. Is your revenue from organic traffic going up over time? If your SEO efforts work the way they should, that number should rise in a measurable and meaningful way.

SEO ROI and You

SEO ROI often proves frustrating for business owners. It’s doesn’t lend itself to any kind of easy measurement. You also can’t assess after a few weeks.

That doesn’t mean measuring SEO ROI is beyond possibility. You can measure it by comparing the costs of your SEO efforts with your organic revenue over time. The caveat is that you must give SEO enough time to generate results, with is often several months.

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