The Brief Guide That Makes Brand Identity Design Super Simple

Updated On September 3, 2021 | by Alex Jones

Brand Identity Design

Did you know that by the time an American child is three years old, they can recognize 100 brand logos? When they reach age 10, they can identify anywhere between 300 to 400 logos.

It’s safe to say that adult Americans can recognize more logos than a child which is why brand identity design is so important. However, logos aren’t the only thing needed to create a brand.

Read on to learn how to create a brand identity.

Complete a Brand Audit

Creating a brand identity design cannot be done without an audit. A brand audit will help you understand where your business fits in the marketplace and help you learn more about your customers.

How can you stand out in a marketplace filled with businesses similar to yours? Figure this out and your brand will become a strong contender.

Assess Your Identity

The best logo design is only a small part of identity. You’ll need to ensure every visual output aligns with your brand personality, values, and communicates your story.

If you currently have a brand identity that you know needs work, figure out how you can tweak it to align with your goals in the future. Use what you learned from your brand audit to figure this out.

Focus on a Visual Direction

In the marketing industry, brand identity can be subjective. Colors that mean something to one person won’t mean anything to another.

This is what you’ll need to figure out to come up with a shared vision for your brand identity:

  • Brand traits you want to express
  • The visuals that communicate those traits
  • How do you want people to feel when they see your brand?

To succeed with these conversations, it is essential to have everyone involved in the creative session.

Design a Logo

Every element of your brand identity design will influence one another, but it all begins with the logo. Learning how to design a logo is not easy, but a great design team or software can help.

Nowadays, many start on the computer to create a logo. However, you might get your creative juices flowing better when you use a pencil and paper, aka the old school way.

The imagery in your logo should deliver the message you want your brand to share. After you have the imagery down, you can add in the colors you want to use.

Once you have a solid logo, explore the colors in your color palette. Color can further differentiate your brand from the competitors.

Last, you’ll choose your typography. Not everyone uses words on their logo, but it might be something you want to consider.

Bear in mind that the most important factor in logo creation is to get your point across so that someone can learn more about your brand through a visual. Yet, creating a logo that is cohesive with other elements is important as well.

Brand Identity Design: How Will You Do It?

Brand identity design is more than creating the best company logo, but it does start with that. If you want your business to indulge in smart marketing, you need to have the right visual content.

Learning from this guide can help you compete with your competitors. Start building your identity now by using what you’ve learned. For more marketing and business advice, check out the other posts on our blog.

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