Buying Wholesale from China: Everything You Need to Know

buying wholesale from china
May 29, 2024 Reading time : 5 min

For starting a business, resources are the most crucial factor to consider, but finding the right inventory providers is equally important. When it comes to wholesale inventory, the first name that comes to mind is China. But many people ask how to buy wholesale from China as it is a very much cash-dependent thing. Your problem’s solution is here in our guide about the right way to purchase products direct from China wholesale. So, keep reading. 

How to Buy Wholesale from China?

  • First you have to understand your role as an importer as you are buying products from abroad. Just provide your address to the supplier, and they’ll handle shipping. Small, low-value packages will come directly to your door.
  • Chinese factories produce both high and low-quality goods, so you have to learn to identify quality products to avoid cheap, low-quality ones, which can harm your business.
  • Make sure that products are legal in your country, as some items have import restrictions, and violating these can result in fines or the shipment being returned.
  • Every product has a 10-digit tariff classification number and needs a Certificate of Origin for duty calculation. Calculate the landed cost, including all related fees, before placing an order.
  • After selecting a product, it’s time to find a supplier. Check and understand their shipping terms and request a Proforma Invoice for detailed product information.
  • When it comes to international shipping, you have to summarize container, broker, packaging, and terminal handling fees to find your shipping expenses. Necessary documents for ordering include a commercial invoice, packing list, detail sheet, and bill of lading.
  • Ensure contracts with suppliers include product specs, order quantity, delivery schedule, and payment terms. Issue a purchase order and conduct pre-production inspections and sample approvals to maintain quality.
  • Expect shipping times of about 30 days to the East Coast and 13 days to the West Coast of the U.S. You have to collect big orders from shipping stores, and small ones will come to your address. Some shipping methods are
    • Air express
    • Air freight (DDP)
    • Regular post
    • Ocean expedited freight (DDP)
    • Ocean freight (FCL/LCL)
    • Train (DDP) 

Where to Find China Suppliers for Buying Bulk?

People outside China can use online directories to find reliable wholesaler options. Some examples are GlobalSources and Alibaba. The trade fairs are also helpful to buy products directly from China wholesale. A few of them are the Canton Fair, Commodities Fair, Global Sources Tradeshow, Bauma China, etc. 

Buying Wholesale From China Tips

China has a big market of wholesalers, and fairs help you to find them easily, but still it’s not frictionless. There are many cultural and locational factors that you should consider while buying wholesale from China. 

  • China is a densely populated area with crowded cities and heavy traffic, so it will consume too much time even to cover short distances.
  • Cultural differences affect negotiation styles; Chinese are less confrontational and more polite, so they communicate clearly and directly to avoid misunderstandings.
  • Language barriers may also cause issues, but English language and written instructions are helpful enough here as Chinese vendors often prefer written communication over verbal.
  • Written contracts are good, but the Chinese don’t consider them final, so they build trust gradually. 
  • Please be clear in your instructions and specify details in writing, as vague instructions may lead to discrepancies in the final product. 

6 Helpful Tips To Buy In Bulk From China

  • Don’t go for the cheapest products, as they are of low quality. You have to invest in quality to get customer satisfaction, like wholesale t shirt dresses.
  • Clear in your communication with the supplier to avoid receiving unwanted products or materials.
  • Build trust and respect for the suppliers and try to make positive relationships for better service.
  • Confirm FOB terms with the supplier to optimize shipping costs and maintain control over the shipment.
  • You must consider the factors in shipping times when planning orders. 
  • You have to understand commercial import regulations if you are importing for resale, as customs authorities may assess shipments differently based on their contents.

Top Wholesalers For Buying Wholesale From China


If you want to buy in bulk from China, Shewin is a great option for all sizes of boutiques that demand stylish and trendy clothing inventory for all types of customers. Their trendy women’s clothing is perfect to keep your store stocked with the chic and latest styles.

Shewin offers a stylish collection, including dresses, blouses, jeans, shoes, bags, jewelry, and other accessories, with quality designs updated to reflect the latest trends. Their platform is user-friendly for online businesses, featuring a vast, size-inclusive inventory at competitive prices.



Yaaku is a China-based wholesale supplier known for its offering of a variety of women’s clothing, bags, shoes, and accessories. Their trendy and fast-fashion styles of apparel are of high quality with affordable to moderate price tags. From small to extra large size, they have clothing for diverse customers. Yaaku has a user-friendly platform and offers fast shipping, but customer service is not the best. 


TBDress offers a wide range of clothing, shoes, jewelry, and accessories for men, women, and children, making it a go-to for online boutiques. They feature everything from casual and formal wear to party dresses, with sizes from XS to XXXL. Prices are competitive, though quality varies. Overall, TBDress is a convenient choice for stores seeking diverse products at affordable prices.


Buying wholesale from China is a great idea, especially for small businesses at the initial stage. From quality to affordability, shipment options to customer service, they focus on every point to deliver the best worldwide, and their attitude and dedication towards their work help you to make your business successful and build a strong business reputation.