Sell My House for Cash: Guide and Tips

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Jan 19, 2024 Reading time : 5 min

There are various reasons why you may want buyers to pay cash when selling your home. Unlike the old-school sale process, selling a house for cash is fast. Cash purchasers pay for the property without involving any loans or mortgages.

Home Flippers is one of the best cash buyers on the market. They are a good option if you are looking to get rid of the place when relocating or upgrading to a new location. If you are planning to sell it to a cash client, this guide is for you.

Herein, we share significant tips to help to get the best value from the holding sale.

Boost the Curb Appeal

Potential customers will want to see the house before buying. Improving the curb appeal and a few home improvements will make a favorable first impression. You don’t have to spend big on renovating it.

Start by trimming the lawn and hedges. Declutter the space and replace any broken window panes or shingles. Also, consider repainting it if the paint is already peeling off. These small improvements will make the residence look good and appealing to potential buyers.

Home improvement will also boost the value of it, giving you an upper hand during the selling process.

Remove Personal Items

Believe it or not, removing personal items like family photos, etc., makes a lot of difference, especially when you’re living in the house you’re trying to sell. A study suggests a buyer comes to your house not to see the belongings but the house, and with personal items, they can’t picture themselves in the space. 

Hire a Property Valuer

Valuing the property can be a challenge, especially while having no experience in real estate. Too high and it will deter potential customers; too low, and it will trade the home for a loss. Here is where professional valuers come into play.

Professional property valuers have experience in the real estate business. They will inspect the residence and help to set the correct price while considering the state of the real estate market. The professional will also advise on improvements that can be made to boost the value of the place.

Market Your Property

the average sales price of new homes sold in the United States

(This graph shows the average sales price of new homes sold in the United States, from 1965 to 2022, in $1,000).

Having a ‘For Sale’ banner on the front porch is not enough. Market and advertise the home to get a wider reach. List it on local listing websites and place adverts on social media sites.

You can also pay for advertising on listing sites to have it featured on the first page. Ensure that they add all the relevant details about it. Mention the location, size, number of rooms, and nearby social amenities.

Adding high-quality photos will also make the listing a world of good. However, don’t use stock images on the listing. Hire a professional photographer to take nice photos of the house.

Bring a Realtor Onboard

Some people are against involving a realtor or property attorney during the sale process. However, hiring a professional attorney or real estate agent to help during the dealing procedure has advantages. The professionals will assist in negotiating better contract terms.

Also, they will review the contract on your behalf to ensure that everything is okay. Realtors will link as well with potential cash buyers from their client list. They will manage and schedule home tours too, if you have a tight schedule.

Be Patient

It can be difficult to get a decent profit when selling the house for cash. Most purchasers will offer low terms and will try lowballing during the negotiations. Be patient and wait for multiple offers before closing the deal.

Don’t accept the first offer that lands on the desk. Doing so will limit how much you can get from the place. While you’re at it, do background checks on the buyer to ensure that they are in great standing and aren’t involved with scams.

Selling the house for cash brings an expedited closing process. Ensure that you have all the property’s documents ready. This will make the customers feel confident about closing the sale quickly and taking ownership.

Do You Know?
In November 2023, sales of previously owned homes increased by 0.8% month-over-month to 3.82 million units.

Summing Up

Home cash purchasers can be a wise option if you want an expedited selling process. The tips in this guide will assist in trading the house for cash quickly. Look through the buyer’s background before you begin negotiating the sale price.

Utilize professional assistance and marketing strategies to maximize the residence’s visibility. Don’t be afraid to hire a realtor or a property attorney to get help during the sale procedure. The real estate market has its fair share of challenges, and you may struggle to find the way if you are inexperienced.