Geographic Versus Non-Geographic Phone Numbers

Updated On September 29, 2021 | by Alex Smith

Geographic numbers vs Non-Geographic

You may be the owner of the company that relies on telephonic calls for promoting the business. For example, you might need to boost your sales with the help of phone calls. Or you might have to carry out online trading via phone to offer customer service or increase lead generation. So, selecting the appropriate phone number will be necessary for the success of your business. It will also make sure that you receive the maximum amount of phone calls from the clients. You can decide about utilizing a geographical number or a non-geographical number. Or you may obtain plenty of geographic phone numbers. Also, you might create a mix of geographical and non-geographical phone numbers for business purposes. Both these numbers have multiple advantages, and they are discussed below. It all comes down to selecting the numbers that suit your business the most for targeting your clients.

Moreover, if your target audience is in America, you can obtain a geographic or non-geographic VoIP USA number for making calls to your clients.

What are the Geographical Numbers, and How can they Benefit You?

Geographic phone numbers are the ones that start with a local dialing prefix. Like a specific area might start with 0116 and the other may have a code 0151, and another may still have the prefix of 020. That is then led by the complete number that is different for every landline. If your phone number and the number you are calling have the same area code, you can leave the prefix and dial the remaining number of the contact you want to communicate with. But to call a number outside your region or from a cell phone, you must first add the dialing prefix.

In simple words, geographic numbers are your regular, day-to-day phone numbers. Many people know that they are the local numbers, and the caller will be billed at a local price when they call on it. That is why everyone trusts them.

If your business focuses on a particular area, they must always select a local geographic phone number. That is because your clients will believe that your business is located near them, and there are more chances they will call you back.

The geographical numbers are also advisable to use with your business because of their affordable nature. Depending on your region, it can be free to call the local number from the landlines and mobiles. Many phone companies offer a free minute’s package for them, so most of your customers will be content with calling on them.

These numbers are also more beneficial because of VoIP and the latest cloud technology. They are valuable for VoIP USA-based calling as well. For example, if your business operates from the USA, you can utilize one of these numbers to place VoIP phone calls. Since companies can select a specific prefix if they prefer to conduct business by focusing on geography. They can also utilize this number if they change their venue. The firms can purchase ‘local’ numbers for closely located towns without establishing new offices there.

What are Non-geographical Numbers, and How Do They Benefit You?

The number one benefit of non-geographical numbers is that they look more professional when displayed on the receiver’s mobile or landline phone at the time the call is made to them. People know that top standard famous companies have numbers with prefixes like 0800. They may also have numbers starting with 0844 or 0845. These numbers are immediately identifiable as company numbers. And the general public, like your friends or contacts, might not call from them. The non-geographical numbers are also easy to remember by your clients who reside outside of your business region. Since they do not need to remember the local dialing prefix, they only have to remember the digits that make up the number. If you get a non-geographic VoIP USA-based number, you can easily impress your clients into thinking you are calling them from the USA.

The various non-geographic prefixes have different service charges. For instance, 0800 is free of cost. Whereas others have a local charging rate, and many of them have an expensive or premium rate. If you select a 0800 number, most people in the USA identify it as a number on which they can place a free call. They will prefer to call you on this number if they consider not having to pay for the call. But it can be expensive for many businesses to communicate with a 0800 number because receiving calls on this type of the number can be costly. So that is a fact you must keep in mind when selecting non-geographic numbers. Oppositely, if you are expecting to receive many calls on an 0800 number, then the number can be beneficial. Receiving many calls will increase the chances of successful business transactions. Thus it will improve your business, and the cost of keeping the number won’t put a dent in your wallet. Another benefit of non-geographical numbers is that it facilitates call queuing, allowing the caller to put a customer’s call on hold if no telesales agent is available. The geographic numbers don’t provide this feature. Whereas you might not benefit from keeping the clients on hold for a long time, this at least offers you the chance of successfully doing transactions with those customers who call at peak timings. And for whom there is no sales clerk available for talking to them. This is one of the reasons that makes non-geographic numbers better than geographic numbers in specific scenarios.

Also, getting VoIP USA non-geographical numbers will do wonders for your business because your American customers will prefer US-based numbers when you call them from it.

Moreover, that doesn’t mean that geographic phone numbers have lesser advantages. They have many perks. For example, with them, your clients might feel that your company is from the area they live in regardless of the distance between you and them. There are plenty of chances that your customers will call back on your local number if your business office is away from them and you want to focus on a client from a specific location. The customers will find it easy to remember and call a local number rather than the numbers that start with 0844 and 0855 if they are unsure about the calling charges or consider these numbers to be expensive to call.
So, you can also obtain a VoIP USA number for focusing on the customers that reside in the US. This strategy will improve your business because you will be able to reach out to those customers you couldn’t contact before.