Lockdown is Becoming Boring? Entertain Yourself with These Fun Things Online

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Jan 8, 2024 Reading time : 5 min

The CoronaVirus outbreak is more dangerous than even we can imagine. So, all governments are requesting their citizens adhere to the lockdown imposed on the nations- Sit at home- and pray for humanity. 

As we all are in our homes, we are safe but bored. Well, there is a cure to boredom but not to COVOD-19, so better not to leave our home. Don’t worry, here we have a list of fun and free things to do at home. If you are out of gossip and now you need something new to do so, we got a collection of free entertainment for you. 

This quarantine special post about free online things is something you need at the moment. There are various unique ideas of the stuff to do online for you, to make the best use of your isolation time. 

The Best Things to Do Online In the Period of Lockdown:

Have a virtual  tour of national museums:

People who need something are keen souls and want to make the best of their lockdown moment, can now have a virtual tour to renowned museums like the National Museum of Natural History in Washington, DC, and London’s British Museum. These museums have come forward in the time of lockdown to offer an unforgettable experience (though virtual) to the aspirants. So, walk through the online museum just from their official sites. 

Watch a movie:

There is nothing exceptional about this idea, but there is everything interesting about it. Movies are something that appeals to every person sitting at their home in this time of global lockdown. Watching movies is the best way to refresh your mood- give yourself a break-attain a new view towards society- laugh your guts out- get a new idea of romance and whatnot. The best thing is; Movies aren’t limited to one genre, thus attracting people of different mindsets. Apart from Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Youtube, there are various other platforms offering something a little different. 1150 free online movies are now available to worldwide users.

Watch a documentary:

Let’s make it more cerebral! Go for the documentary if you appreciate reality more than fiction. A documentary of your choice can really boost your knowledge about the concept of your interest. Documentaries are the best way to dig the out of box topics such as revolutions, sharks, cannibalism, or serial killers, you’ll definitely get a whole lot of new things about the particular topic. Beware, Documentaries are addictive!! Some best documentary resources are Documentary Tube. Top Documentary Films, and Documentary Heaven.

A tour to ancient Rome:

The time-traveling is now possible with all the virtual means. Technology has gone really far, now you can travel to the old Rome right sitting at your home. Just go online, and explore all those hidden places that have been disappeared with time.  There are plenty of 3D models available online that can take you through the forum, Capitoline hill, and legendary monuments

Enjoy a Karaoke Night:

Are you a Karaoke lover? You still got a chance to enjoy it with the comfort of your home. There are numerous apps that allow you to sing with your gang and practice the songs for later. Now turn your phone into a mic and sing as loud as you want. In my opinion, it is one of the best free fun things to do at your home when going out is not an option.

Graze up the new publications:

Your daily routine kept you so busy that you had to kill the scholar inside you. But days have transformed and now you can again brush up the journals of your choice. Get in-depth details in specific areas and analyze the advances that have been made while you were out of touch. There are several web platforms that offer a never-ending list of latest journals. So, make this lockdown productive and feed your soul with something unusual.

Be a chef:

Cooking is not only a survival skill but a hobby for many. People love cooking-learning new recipes -and creating their own recipes. As we know, all the food-joints are closed due to lockdown, don’t starve yourself. Now make your simple meals a lot more excited, as many world-famous chefs are now online to teach you their secret recipes. You can even transform your entire diet with the help of it. 

Play Online games with your friends:

Games are not only a source of entertainment but definitely as a mood-booster and intellect-enhancer. Playing online games with your friends and show-off your gaming skills. If you don’t have a friend to play with, just go online and you will find many. Even with online games, you can befriend many new people and learn new things about the games you love. 

Learn a new language:

Many platforms are now offering free language courses to those who are actually willing to introduce themselves to a foreign language. Not only a new language but you can even brush up the vocabulary of the language you already knew. This is the best time to involve yourself in something like this as it is the most fun thing to do online.

Be part of an online gig:

Missing those summer festivals? Well, now you can enjoy your loved gangs such as Portishead accompanied by an orchestra, Nirvana Unplugged, and Radiohead’s Glastonbury set in 1997 for free entertainment. Enjoy the best performances of the musicians you love and their bands. Keep the volume high and shake your head like no one is watching. 

Visit the MoMA: Museum of Modern Art:

For the sake of love for art, plenty of art galleries and museums are now available online. Their digitized galleries are now accessible for free. They are allowing virtual tours for free. One such art gallery is New York’s MoMA. Now rest on your couch and feel Pollock and Monet without any interruption.

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