Where and How Ukash is Appropriate for Sports Betting?

Ukash sports betting
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With the evolution in technology, several online payment methods are emerging. Gamblers love using easy online payment methods that take less time in depositing and withdrawing cash. One such new payment service that the bettors are falling for is none but Ukash. Even though Ukash is not as famous as the other payment services available on gambling sites, it is gaining popularity among those who love seamless transactions. More bettors are looking for such sites that offer Ukash as a payment mode. If you are waiting eagerly to make deposits using Ukash, this guide is for you!

In this guide, the Way Binary experts will share all knowledge about using Ukash for betting that Tim Harrison shared with them in the recent February 2022 interview. After reading the guide, you can use this payment method more easily. So without wasting any further time, delve into the blog now!

Which Sports Betting Sites Will Allow You to Use Ukash?

Before sharing other details about Ukash, we would like to give you a list of such sports betting sites where you can use the payment method. Our experts test each of the betting sites recommended by us. They ensure the sites have a legal gambling license, good customer support, and a fantastic range of games and bonuses. Here’s the list:

CasinoWelcome Bonus
LVBet100% match bonus up to 50 Euros
FansBetGet 10 Euros on betting 10 Euros
EnergyBetGet 10 Euros on betting 10 Euros
10Bet50% match bonus up to 50 Euros
BetwayUp to 10 Euros free bets
888sportGet 60 Euros free bets on betting 10 Euros
William HillGet 30 Euros free bets on betting 10 Euros
BetHard100% match bonus up to 50 Euros
BetRegalGet 10 Euros free bet on betting 20 Euros

How to Use Ukash for Online Sports Betting?

Using Ukash is quite easy. All that you need to understand is how a Ukash card works. It takes only a few minutes to complete any transaction; it is considered one of the fastest payment methods you can get your hands on. Let’s start with what is Ukash? Like MasterCard, here, too, you need to buy a Ukash card to make payments. It works similarly to gift cards. It is mostly used for buying things online and making deposits on online sports betting sites.

With a Ukash card, you will get a 19-digit code on the back of the card. When you choose Ukash as your deposit method on the site’s payment page, you need to enter the code and the deposit amount. As the card is credited with money while buying, the money will be debited from the card and credited to the gambling account. Once you have made the deposit, you will receive a second Ukash card with another code. But this card will contain the remaining amount left after the deposit.

You can also withdraw money using a Ukash card but not on all betting sites. Most betting sites allow only deposits made via Ukash card. However, if you are allowed to deposit using Ukash, you will receive a 19-digit code that you can use to redeem your winnings later while shopping or in banks. Do not be disheartened if the sportsbook doesn’t allow you to withdraw cash using this mode because there will be many more alternatives! The best choices are Maestro, PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, etc. All of them offer secure and quick payments like Ukash.

How Much Fees is Charged by Ukash? Know from the Way Binary Expert!

Time for some good news! In his interview with Way Binary, Tim Harrison said why Ukash is his favorite mode of payment in sports betting sites. Well, the reason is that Ukash charges zero fees! Yes, you read that right. Using Ukash makes sports betting more affordable for the bettors!

Which Countries Allow Ukash?

The next question that Tim gets the most from the bettors is whether Ukash is allowed in their country? The answer to this is not definite. Like any other payment mode, Ukash is not active in every country of the world. But the good news is most countries, where sports betting is famous, allow using Ukash. Some countries where you can use Ukash without hassle are:

  1. UK
  2. Finland
  3. Germany
  4. Spain
  5. New Zealand
  6. Ireland
  7. France
  8. Norway
  9. Canada
  10. Bolivia
  11. Argentina

Advantages of Paying with Ukash on Sports Betting Sites

We know that gamblers worldwide love using Ukash, but why so? Have you ever wondered what benefits this payment service provides? We are to answer you! Have a look below to learn about the incredible benefits of Ukash:

  • Ukash is super easy to use
  • It comes in the form of an easy-to-carry card
  • The deposits are instant
  • This payment model offers great flexibility to the gamblers
  • Ukash cards are easily available in stores
  • There are no fees associated with Ukash transactions

Disadvantages of Paying with Ukash on Sports Betting Sites

Now that you know the pros of Ukash, you must be eager to learn the faults of payment service too. Well, you are right about that! One should never choose a payment method without knowing both the good and the bad aspects. Here are a few cons of Ukash that you must know:

  • You cannot deposit money without buying the card
  • If you lose the card, you lose the money too
  • Most betting sites do not have Ukash as their withdrawal method

As evident, the advantages of the payment mode are more than the cons. Hence, you should use Ukash for betting if you are fine with the cons. We think buying the card and keeping it safe isn’t much of a headache. Not being allowed to withdraw money using Ukash can bother many bettors, but you can always go for Ukash alternatives offered by the site!

How to Use Ukash Safely?

After purchasing the Ukash card, you will receive a 19-digit code. Make sure you do not share the code with anyone. If possible, note down the code somewhere so that you can recall it whenever you are using it for making deposits. We recommend you use a pen and paper to record the code because digitally stored data is at a higher risk of getting lost. Lastly, please be careful. Try not to lose the card because your funds will be gone if it gets lost. Also, make sure you provide the code only on trusted websites. Check reviews on platforms like Trustpilot, Reddit, HLTV, Askgamblers, Twitch, etc.

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