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Hockey betting is gaining more and more popularity in the sports streaming world. Bets on NHL are especially popular at Parimatch bookie. The interest among players to this game is growing every season, as well as the number of hockey betting.

Traditionally, hockey is one of the three most popular team sports. There are two teams, each one has 5 field players and goalkeepers. While, the goalkeeper has the right to take an active part in the game, which often directly affects the results of the match. For example, the goalkeeper can be changed to a fielder at any time, to achieve a numerical majority in the attack.

The duel lasts 3 periods of 20 minutes. Wins the team with a larger quantity of goals. Removal of players is another hockey’s unique feature, which makes the match more spectacular.

Hockey betting is accepted without taking into account extra time. Matches are held here quite often, which makes it possible to be more accurate in assessing the form of command players and analyzing statistics.

Variety of Hockey Sports Betting

Bookmaker Parimatch works with different types of hockey sports betting. To bet the amount, a gambler needs to go to the bookie’s page, find a form with the names of sports sections, and choose a preferable championship and click on «place a bet». But before starting hockey betting, it is important to understand the types of bets, which are:

  • On the win of a certain team or a game in a draw. Bookie allows making mixed rates!
  • on the total number of scored goals;
  • play with a handicap;
  • non–standard rates, for example, on the win or loss of one team, the number of scored goals, on the last/first goal, etc!

So, Parimatch has a wide hockey betting line and gives the opportunity to make betting on all popular hockey leagues, important sporting events. The conditions are clear even for beginners what gives a high opportunity to make money on winning.

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How to Succeed While Betting on Ice Hockey

Bettors who decide to choose ice hockey as their main direction for betting it is important to devote enough time to pre-match analysis. There are a lot of comebacks in this game, so sometimes outsiders win. This moment can significantly complicate forecasting and the process of making bets for beginners.

In addition, there is a high frequency of matches in ice hockey and the bettor will always have something for betting. On average, matches in this game hold 3–4 times a week. Thanks to this, gamblers can easily track the current physical form of players and changes in team lineups.

Also, it is important to consider such factors as the physical form of the opponents, the history of face–to–face games, injured players, coaching staff.


Thus, hockey has its own specifics, which is important to consider when the rate on such type of event. However, such bets give a really good opportunity to make a big money.

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