Find Best Psychic Reading Options – Get to Know More About Them

Updated On February 1, 2022 | by Alex Smith

Best Psychic Reading Options

In this post, we will check out different types of psychic reading options available online, that will help our readers to understand this psychic reading concept online and by phone.

What Types of Psychics Online Are There?

Tarot Card Readers

  • Use divination tools 
  • They are the masters of the symbolic illustrations
  • The best option for the career forecasts
  • Tarot readers will predict the future based on tarot cards questions

Energy Healers

  • Channel our positive energy
  • Study energy fields 
  • Improve our life perspective
  • Uplift our soul
  • Remove any negative thoughts

Psychic Mediums

  • Pass down a message in the beyond
  • The psychic medium will contact spiritual entities and angels


  • See fractions of our future
  • Known to have the third eye
  • Aura reading
  • A gift to communicate with this spiritual world
  • Very strong sense
  • Detect negative energy

Many websites provide access to “top psychic readers “, however, most of the psychics do not have the real abilities. With something as sensitive and personal as best psychic reading options, you would like a website that you may trust. To get more information have a look the official source .


BitWine’s website will look at our past with a 90’s feel and look, however, this platform provides more than your eyes meet. Just think of the BitWine site as a big psychic universal directory where you may browse through several lists of the readers with various gifts and specialties. 

It’s simple to jump in the reading as you do not even have to create the account to start chatting with the advisor. After that, there is BitWine’s cost. The platform allows you to negotiate the price with the reader, with the session beginning when you have reached the final agreement.

  • Perfect for the mobile users
  • Get free introductory chats
  • Constant deals

Psychic Encounters 

This psychic reading website is all about simplicity and convenience. Not just is it very simple to find the psychic and schedule the reading, however, their costing structure is a bit straightforward. Their psychic profiles are not very detailed, but provide enough information that will help you to decide if the psychic is the right choice for you. 

You also can read through various customer reviews, negative and positive. In the terms of psychic reading categories, there’re just four available: money, life path, love, and your departed loved ones. The readings are accessible through chat, phone, and video.

  • 24 by 7 customer support 
  • User-friendly app
  • Flat rates per minute

Purple Garden

This is a different site from another psychic reading website on the list as it is made specifically for mobile users. Suppose you do not feel compelled to visit the desktop site, then I would recommend downloading this app as well as make the account from there. This mobile user experience will be much superior to other platforms, which have an app, so you will not be missing a lot by skipping out the site.

This psychic reading site has many psychic readers on its site and different reading categories that you can select from. I like a fact that the categories are not very overwhelming –this makes it very simple to get the answers to your basic questions. 

  • Get 5% back on any purchases 
  • Intuitive mobile application for readings


There are over 350 advisors located in the United States and Canada on the platform. Most of the readers are screened before providing their services on this website. So, users may select which reader they want to give the reading from.

  • Best site
  • Real readers
  • Accurate reading

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