Drive Mad Unblocked Games: Cross Hurdles and Save Your Truck from Collision

drive mad unblocked games
Feb 9, 2024 Reading time : 5 min

Want to join an exciting journey full of fun, challenges, and obstacles? 

However, this time you will not be a passenger; instead, you will sit in the driver’s seat.

Drive Mad Gameplay

Drive Mad Unblocked games is one such truck driving game where you can’t remove your feet from the accelerator and brakes. Similar to Snow Rider 3D, this is also a single-player game where you have to save your vehicle from different obstacles. 

So join us and take a drive through the tracks of Drive Mad Unblocked 76, its gameplay, and some top-grade tips.

Drive Mad Unblocked Games and its Features

Drive Mad is a perfect adrenaline-boosting truck racing game with treacherous terrain and meticulously designed levels. Unlike other fast-paced racing games such as Drift Hunters, Mad Drive Unblocked is not a time-bound game. Here, you need to enter with your truck as a single player and clear the levels by crossing challenging hurdles without meeting an accident. 

The game can be easily accessed on Chrome, Edge, Firefox, and other latest browsers of your PC, laptop, Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo Switch. 

Drive Mad Unblocked Games Menu

Some exclusive and top-notch features of Drive Mad Unblocked Premium are as follows: 

  • Here, you have to drive different types of trucks, tanks, and other vehicles with different wheels. Each of them has different driving techniques, handling, and performance. 
  • There are a total of 100 levels available in the game, and there are various unique challenges you have to deal with in each level. 
  • You have to take care of the speed, weight, and momentum of your vehicle to win the round. 
  • Mad Driver Unblocked has realistic gameplay with amazing sounds of tires and vehicle engines to improve your experience.
  • You can also notice the signs during the game, indicating the direction to move. 

You can also add the Chrome Extension or install the Mad Driving app from the Google Play Store which will let you select the truck, track, earn rewards, and much more. 

How to Play Mad Drive Unblocked?

Learning the gameplay of Driver Mad Unblocked 76 is a piece of cake. You can simply visit or any other reliable site to open the game and continue with the following steps:

  1. Start moving your truck in the direction of the track. For this, you have to remember the following controls: 
  • Accelerate/Forward: Up/Right arrow key, W/D/X keys, or mouse click on the right side of the screen.  
  • Brake/Reverse: Down/Left arrow key, S/A/Z keys, or mouse click on the left side of the screen. 
  • Pause: Esc key
    Move the truck
  1. Reach the Finish Line without destroying your truck and proceed to the next level.
    Reach the Finish Point

As you start crossing the levels, you will encounter different vehicles and new obstacles such as walls, large gaps in tracks, slopes, driving two vehicles simultaneously, and so on. 

Tips & Tricks for Drive Mad Unblocked 76

Are you having trouble getting through the game’s difficult levels? Or does your truck collide every time? Knowing the game controls is not enough, you should also try to learn the given tips to take your driving skills to another level.

  • This is not a hardcore racing game. It tests your grasp over the accelerator. So do not increase the speed unnecessarily. 
  • Different obstacles need different speeds and momentum, so try to learn their tactics. 
  • Use your reflexes to avoid collisions by applying the brakes and acceleration whenever needed. 
  • Don’t increase or decrease the speed suddenly, it might destroy the truck. 
  • Be calm and patient throughout the rounds, otherwise, it’ll become more difficult to reach the finish point.

In case, you are unable to cross any particular level, you can watch the ad to skip it or get a hint. However, this will reduce the challenge and make the game less engaging. 

Final Thoughts

Drive Mad Unblocked games will test your truck driving skills while serving plenty of obstacles on your track. With stunning graphics and captivating gameplay, it will keep you engaged throughout the game. 

So, fasten your seat belt and take great control of the accelerator and brakes!

You can also try the upgraded versions; Drive Mad 2 and Drive Mad 3, or some other thrilling free unblocked games like Slope, Rocket League, and G Switch 3

Frequently Asked Questions
How can I play Drive Mad Unblocked Games at school, office, or home? 

To play Drive Mad Unblocked Games at school, office, or home: 

  • Use a VPN 
  • Try to open with a personal hotspot
  • Visit the site in incognito mode
  • Update the DNS settings of the device
  • Use a proxy server
Are Drive Mad unblocked games premium-based?

No, Drive Mad unblocked games premium is not required, you can play it for free on the browser of your device. 

Is there a Drive Mad Google Classroom version available?

There is no Drive Mad Google Classroom version available, but you can easily add the Chrome extension of the game.

What are the basic movements of the Drive Mad Unblocked 76?

You can use the arrow keys, WASD keys, or mouse click to move forward and backward in Drive Mad Unblocked 76.


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