Key Differences Between BTC And ETH

Bitcoin and Ethereum
Jan 28, 2023 Reading time : 4 min

If you are a beginner in the Crypto space, the struggle is going to be real. You may find yourself confused in selecting the right Cryptos to invest in and have higher returns as well. Well, this situation is very obvious. With a wide range of available options, it feels tough to select a single one. 

Bitcoin and Ethereum are both very popular coins and everyone seems to know about them! Beginners may think both these coins have the same features and returns. But, there are certain basic differences between these two that you need to know if you are starting out investing in this market. Read the blog to find out more! 

Everything About BTC 

Even if someone is not into this market, they have heard about Bitcoin. It is the most famous and dominant coin in the market. Since its advent in the industry, the coin has been ruling in the Crypto space. With this coin, people found a new way of managing their money. If you are new to Crypto trading and investments, then you must check the Bitcoin trading platform. It is a trusted and reliable platform used by millions of investors around the globe.

With Bitcoin, people can transfer or earn a huge amount of profits by investing their funds. And all these come without any government regulation or guidelines from any higher authorities. This Crypto let’s peer-to-peer transactions and there is no need for any third-party agents to carry out the same. 

Bitcoin is the first decentralized coin to run on the Blockchain network. Considering its safety, investors are huge fans of this coin. And, this Crypto has one of the lowest rates of downfall in its entire history. Its mining process assures that scammers cannot access any user’s account or access funds. 

Features That Make Ethereum Unique

ETH is a huge success since its advent, which was about 5 years after BTC. With the help of smart contracts, it is one of the unique Crypto present in the market. The smart contracts are the coded instructions that exist in the Blockchain network. When the required conditions are fulfilled, it operates. Due to this, the network is self-reliant and decentralized too! 

In this network, you can also create DApps and help in maintaining a healthy ecosystem. Many projects like Decentraland, Polygon, Uniswap, and others are running on this platform. 

Besides these, ETH has its programming language, named Solidity. With this language, you can code smart contracts. And for these contracts, now Ethereum is a top platform for building countless applications. 

Major Differences Between ETH and BTC

Though both may seem to have the same features for any beginner, there are some basic differences between the both! 

Many people consider BTC to be the same as the value of gold. Because it has many use cases like a store of value and can be exchanged too! But, ETH is more of a technologically advanced platform. It is the base for the development of many modern technologies. These technologies can change the shape of the dimensions of many aspects. 

As a store of value, ETH is double that of BTC. Because you will have to pay in ETH for functions like creating DApps or smart contracts and transactions. ETV the increase in its value, investors are using it as a store of value. 

At present, you can use both these Cryptocurrencies as collateral for availing loans, instead of physical assets. 

If we consider speed, ETH is acing the game. The network speed at the BTC network is about 10 minutes. While it is about 12 seconds on the ETH platform! 


Apart from these, there are other points of differences that exist between the both! But, we cannot ignore the fact that there is no race between these coins. And both the coins have their own set of expertise and features. 

Both coins have different purposes and features, as Bitcoin is immutable. While Ethereum switched to the efficient PoS from the PoW mechanism. And it will depend on your preference and requirements while selecting the right Crypto. Also, you will have to look after which coin will work better for you as per your investment period.