Cute Dogs in Paintings: Why We Can’t Get Enough

Updated On January 6, 2023 | by Samara Davis


Dogs, practically everyone loves them. They’re fun, they’re energetic, and they’re loyal. They are like little (and sometimes big) balls of love that warm our hearts and keep us smiling. They have been a big part of people’s lives for millennia.

Paintings of dogs are as old as art is. There have been cave paintings found depicting ‘dogs and humans’ side by side that are said to be over 9,000 years old. Many artists throughout history have also dedicated at least one painting to these incredible animals.

Nowadays, every single day, dog videos get millions of views online from people all over the world. They are all over our tv and movie screens and play a vital role in our lives. With that being said, there is a whole world of dog art out there just waiting to be discovered.

The Dog – Sir Edwin Henry Landseer 

As mentioned briefly above, many of history’s finest artists have produced incredible paintings of the prestigious animal known simply as the “dog”. Likewise, there has been much famous art with dogs over the years, proving that our bonds go back a long way in history.

Perhaps the greatest and most famous dog painter in history is the renowned British Romanticist painter Edwin Henry Landseer. Landseer specialized in the painting of animals, and dogs were a particular favorite of his. Indeed, Landseer is responsible for some of the cutest and most famous dog paintings of his time.

No other artist in history is more enamored with dogs than Henry Landseer. His impressive artwork lovingly captures all the elegance, grace, and other positive traits often associated with these wonderful creatures.

Brizo, a Shepherd’s Dog 1864 – Rosa Bonheur

Brizo, a Shepherd’s Dog is a stellar example of a cute dog painting and the charming character of Bonheur’s body of work. Here, Bonheur depicted an otterhound. As the title suggests, her name is Brizo, which was inspired by a Greek goddess who helps sailors. The animal’s name can be seen in the upper right corner, made with black paint.

The picture’s background was made with gestural green brushstrokes, similar to what Manet and other proto-Impressionists were applying to their abstract and flat backgrounds. The dog’s fur is made with an assortment of long, thin strokes to render its texture perfectly. Bonheur perfectly merges a visible brushstroke with a realistic rendering, making a picture with vivid colors and fidelity to its subject. Brizo, a Shepherd’s Dog is an endearing oil on canvas that will captivate any viewer with its simple beauty and precise execution.

A Friend in Need – Cassius Coolidge 

Dogs playing Poker is one of, if not the greatest, most famous, cutest, funniest paintings featuring dogs. As a piece of art, it works on so many levels; it’s cute, funny, and tells a story visually. Like any great masterpiece, there is an element of social commentary that makes us reflect upon ourselves for a moment.  

This element is what art is all about. Yes, Dogs Playing Poker, in many ways, is the ultimate dog painting. There are also many different ones to choose from in Cassius Coolidge’s Dogs Playing Poker collection, which includes eighteen unique paintings.

Any of these great paintings would make for a great gift for yourself or another. Just like a real dog, they brighten up any room they are in. Dogs Playing Poker will make you laugh, make you think, and most of all, make you appreciate dogs in paintings more ways than you ever thought you could.

A King Charles Spaniel – Edouard Manet

Édouard Manet, an exceptionally brilliant artist, is one of the painters that has ignited the fires of Impressionism. Manet painted this oil canvas in 1866, showing a dark background and a  cute Cavalier King Charles Spaniel sitting on a red pillow with his toy. 

With endearing big eyes and white and brown colors, the artist used very tight brushwork on the dog’s face, trying to represent its expression and feelings. In the animal’s thorax, one can notice the looser brushstrokes, rendering the silky fur that is one of its most captivating characteristics.

Dog Movies – Walt Disney 

They are truly some of the most iconic images worldwide and hold a special place in our hearts for many of us. There have been many famous Disney dog movies, such as Lady and the Tramp, Oliver and Company, and 101 Dalmatians, to name just a few.

Next up is something that everyone knows and has captured audiences’ hearts and minds worldwide for decades. Walt Disney movies are some of the most brilliant pieces of cinema ever created. Practically everyone, young and old, can enjoy a Disney movie and even learn something from it.

And with Disney being the Franchise mega house, there are so many fantastic Disney dog paintings, posters, T-shirts, and toys out there. They are amazing for a child’s bedroom and make an excellent gift. So if you’re looking for famous and cute dogs painting, don’t overlook the dogs of Disney.


When looking at famous dog paintings or any pictures of dogs, for that matter, an overwhelming feeling of joy dawns upon you. Having a cute dog painting on your wall or simply looking at cute dog pictures might be just the trick to keep that smile on your face.