How to Create a Great Study Space

Updated On September 28, 2023 | by Samara Davis

Great Study Space

Studying is not always as fun as we’d like it to be. Sometimes we find that we have to go at it for hours before we can successfully finish school work. It is for this reason that we need to pay proper attention to where we do our studying. Great study space can make your schoolwork less burdensome and more exciting. Find out how to create a great study space here.

Factors to Consider When Organizing Your Space

8520Ability to Access the Area

You must consider how often you can access the place you have called “your” study space. It isn’t your space if you cannot use it whenever you want. Many places may be available for you to study anytime you feel like it. In the same vein, certain places may be restricted. For instance, while you have no restrictions in your home or bedroom, you cannot access a public library whenever and however you like. 

Your Comfort

To get the most out of your study space, you must have a level of comfort. For instance, the chairs in your room may not be comfortable enough for studying, compared to those in the library. Similarly, studying in the open garden may not be the best option for you because of disturbances from insects. Either way, you must be comfortable with the environment you choose.

Availability of Learning Tools 

Sometimes, you have to consult more materials and books concerning certain school work. It is hence important that there is an availability of books, the internet, and materials to help you study. For instance, if you need world history homework help, the right materials should get you the help you need even in your study space. 

Minimal/No Distraction 

A good study space should have a very minimal distraction. Some people may find it easy to do school work even when they’re at a party. However, you may not be so lucky to possess this level of concentration. Hence, you mustn’t make places like the school cafeteria or a sawmill your study space.

Great Lighting

How good is the lighting and ventilation of the space you’re considering? Can you effectively write in your notebook without squinting? While this may sound irrelevant, you must put it into consideration. 

Creating Your Study Space

Pick Your Space

When it comes to deciding on which space you want to use, there are many options available to you. You may choose a library, a section of your home, your friend’s home, the church, etc. Any place can be made to be your study area as long as you have put the factors discussed earlier into consideration. Once you have done this, you can begin to decorate your space the way that you like.

Gather Your Supply of Snacks and Drinks

While you want to get most of your schoolwork done at once, you want to also watch your health. Dehydration and hunger slow down one’s ability to assimilate information. You must drink lots of water during breaks and eat when you’re hungry. If you’re studying for longer periods, you may need as many short breaks as possible. Hence, you should stock your study space with your favorite snacks and drinks. This will avoid leaving the environment unnecessarily to purchase items of necessity. 

Rearrange the Space 

Even if you’re using a space that you are already familiar with, there is always room for restructuring. For instance, you may need to put up your favorite picture or poster on the wall. It isn’t too big a deal if you choose to paint the walls, include wifi, or install air conditioners. The goal is to do you and familiarize yourself well with your space. This will help you enjoy rather than endure your studying time.

Set Up Your School Materials 

Your study space is incomplete without your school items in place. Calculators, a desk and chair, your books, laptop, etc. These are all school-related materials that are important for a successful study space.

Map out a Study Routine

Your study space goes beyond the physical environment; although the physical environment is primary. You must use studying tips to create a study routine to help you utilize the space that you have chosen. This is because sometimes, your studying window has to correspond with when you can access the space. To create a study routine, draft out your regular daily activities and fix in study time when it is convenient. You must adhere strictly to your study routine.

Enjoy Studying

The only way you can reap the benefit of your study space is if you enjoy studying. No matter how small or large your space is, you may never explore its full potential if you do not enjoy studying. 


The tips in this article will help you organize a great study space. When your study space is amazing, you will enjoy studying and look forward to it.

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