6 Smart Home Devices to Buy

Jan 8, 2024 Reading time : 6 min

We have been spending more of our time at home in this pandemic. And at the same time, home appliances are getting much smarter and more advanced than we can ever imagine. You will enjoy waking up to a machine brewing your coffee just exactly how you prefer it to be or voice assistants that can light up your room at night.

Finding the right device for you might be complicated as there could be various options that you have in mind. However, having voice assistants may be a good start if you are turning your house into a smart home. It is because they provide a simple way to interact with different smart devices without handling basic access within every app.

If you wish to start but do not know what to buy, here is a list of the smart home devices that you can invest in:

Smart Speaker

Nothing will leave you amazed more than a speaker acting on command. You may or may not have seen ads on YouTube of people using Amazon Echo, Apple HomePod, or Google Echo. These smart speakers have multiple functions that can make your life much easier.

If you are one of those people who enjoy listening to songs while doing your house chores, you will find it easier when you do not have to scroll through your smartphone to find the playlist that you like, especially when you are busy cooking in the kitchen. Instead, you can simply ask the smart speaker assistant to play the song, and in no time, you will have it blasting through your speaker.

It does not only end with playing a song. Smart speakers can also control other home devices that you own, whether it is a smart light bulb or a smart thermostat. Through your home’s Wi-Fi connection, the smart speaker assistant and smart devices can communicate with each other. Even you will be able to control the temperature, change the TV channels, and so much more with your voice.


In some households, a toaster remains the main appliance that they have which saves not only space but also energy. A toaster helps to save your morning with a quick way to make bread slices crispier and tastier. Different kinds of toasters are on the market, 2- and 4-slice toasters, smart screen versions, and more.

The best bread toaster is the one that will turn your bread slices to the right shade of golden-brown no matter how many batches you are making.  You can also opt for a toaster that will lower the grates with just a push of a button instead of using the lever. It is also best to find a toaster that will make a good display on your countertop.

Smart Light Bulb

The light bulb has had its growth over the years. Now, with just a few clicks on your smartphone or tab, you can fully control the light at your home. Some can also be controlled with just your voice when you have it connected to a smart speaker.

Smart bulbs cost more than traditional bulbs because they use various technologies to work. However, they use less energy so that it would be efficient in the long run. The bulb comes in various colors, not only white, but colored bulbs often cost more than the white ones.

Smart bulbs, with scheduled timers and remote control alternatives, provide a level of control and interactivity that traditional bulbs do not. Such features would really be helpful, especially when you forget to turn off the switch before leaving somewhere. It is also easier to tap on the screen than having to find the switch on the wall.

Microwave Oven

A microwave oven is a device that would make cooking easier for you. It is a home appliance that has transformed modern kitchens. This appliance is designed to cook food in a shorter time and is mainly used to heat food. It is also especially useful for time-consuming tasks like melting the butter or heating the water.

Not only does it help to save more time in the kitchen, but it also retains the vitamin content of a food compared to when you cook using a regular oven. Microwave ovens use electricity which helps to lessen their carbon footprint. Apart from that, they do not brown your food, especially any protein.

Microwave ovens also offer you some cooking programs. This allows you to simply choose the preloaded recipe that you want to cook and wait until the food is ready. For instance, you do not have to worry that your soup might be undercooked because, unlike the regular oven, you do not have to stand there to stir the soup to avoid it burning or sticking to the bottom.

Sensor Can

What could be nicer than throwing your trash without lifting the lid manually? The idea of smart sensor cans may sound luxurious to some households, but they can be very practical. They automatically open and close, keeping germs and other filth off your hands. You may also find it to be more convenient than foot-operated trash cans.

The sensor can is designed to make throwing trash effortlessly easy and hassle-free. It comes with a motion sensor that is smart enough to accommodate you and your surroundings – no false triggers and unexpected lid closures. Some sensor cans also come with a voice sensor where with just a simple direction like “Open can” then the lid automatically opens for you.

Air Fryer

Having an air fryer in the kitchen is a life-saver for some people as it is easy to use. The main selling point of an air fryer is that it helps to maintain a healthy cooking style. With little to no oil used during cooking, it replaces deep-fried food with a healthier option.

Apart from that, an air fryer cooks faster than an oven. It is because the size is smaller than an oven, so it gets hot quickly. The air circulating inside the appliance helps to ensure that the food is cooked evenly, maintaining the crisp with no intervention from you.

While oven cooking might require you to pre-heat the oven, the air fryer does not require any. You can simply put the food inside the basket, set the time, and the food will be ready to eat. Whether it is just a quick snack or a dinner meal, it will be easier to prepare the food next time.

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