5 Slot Tricks and Tips That Work

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Slot games are by far the most popular casino game and for good reason. It’s easy, it’s accessible, and you can potentially win money without needing to master any kind of complicated betting or playing strategy. However, despite its simplicity, there are a few slot tricks that players can use to increase their chances of winning – even beyond just regularly playing the free spins option!

Five Slot Tricks and Tips That Work

1. Play for Free Before Making a Deposit!

Play the demo version of any slot game before gambling with real money by way of a deposit. In many cases, that will show you just how much volatility is involved and it’ll give you an opportunity to learn all the different pay lines and bonus features that each game has. It also gives you a chance to win a little bit so it feels like progress is being made right from the get-go! Live22 offers no download slots as well as a great selection of classic and new scratch cards, instant win games, and video poker. Since 2010 they have had amazing offers with weekly updates to ensure you get the best possible value when you play.

2. Have Patience with Bonus Symbols

Many players will see a pay-line with not only one but two ‘bonus’ symbols on it as an automatic jackpot winner. But in reality, things don’t always work like that. For these kinds of slots machines, the bonus symbols usually act as multipliers rather than simply adding to your line wins. For example, if you had three ‘7’ symbols on an active pay-line with two bonus symbols – which is a fairly common occurrence across many online slot games – the game will only see your win as being equivalent to having just one ‘7’ symbol on that same pay-line. So even though you would have actually won double the money due to getting that second set of wilds, they are simply seen by the game as multiplying your prize rather than adding something new to it.

3. Look Out for Sets of Wilds

If you come across five or more consecutive spins where all of the reels in play have at least one wild symbol on them, then it’s definitely time to take advantage of the situation. This happens quite often as wilds on the reels will usually position themselves such that they create a set of three symbols, and then those symbols will all land on one pay-line with the rest of the reels spinning without any wilds at all – meaning you get five consecutive spins where you can place your bets knowing there is a good chance you’ll win (at least) the prize for landing two matching symbols across those five spins.

4. Practice Makes Perfect

This is one of the most obvious points but it’s so easy to forget. When you are playing these games they seem so simple, don’t they? You have five reels, three rows, and 20 fixed pay lines so what could be simpler… right? But seriously they are really easy to play! It’s remembering all the rules that can be complicated.

That’s why when you first start playing slot machine games for fun with no money involved it is vital that you remember this point! Yes, it might feel like a waste of time at first if you aren’t getting anything in return, but it’s actually going to help massively when you move on to real-life cash stakes later down the line.

5. Gamble Your Winnings

This is one that everyone knows about but you would be surprised at how few people actually do it! It’s one of the simplest slot tricks and tips there are to use. You simply click on the ‘gamble’ button when you’ve won some money (after pressing the spin button of course!) and then you get to guess whether the next card will be higher or lower than your original card… if you guess correctly, all your money is doubled. If not, well… then it is gone!

Don’t worry though because most games offer a ‘Double gamble’ option after they have run out of Double Up cards (or whatever). This is where you can risk half of what is left to double up again. Don’t worry if you win or lose though, as this is all part of the fun and excitement. So it’s not like real life where you could be up one moment and then broke the next.


Slot machines can be a great way to pass the time and lose yourself in the action, and by using these tips and tricks you will see your winnings improve and help you towards your goal of winning big!

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