Logitech: Where Design Meets Functionality

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Logitech: Where Design Meets FunctionalityWhen it comes to PC peripherals and accessories, one name constantly tops buyer reviewer lists – Logitech. The company provides innovative, reliable, and functional products that meet the most demanding needs and expectations, whether for gaming, productivity, media creation, or general home and school use. But why choose Logitech over the myriad of other brands currently on the market?

The Logitech Advantage

The company is proud of its long-standing history of being the top choice for desktop, laptop, and mobile users. Despite facing stiff competition in an ever-changing market, it has managed to maintain its position as a product leader by consistently innovating, designing award-winning products, and offering great value across its entire range of products. This includes cutting-edge technologies such as wireless communication, media-rich features, and digital entertainment, as well as an industry-leading focus on ergonomics and comfort.

Additionally, all Logitech products on the market are visually appealing and designed to meet the diverse needs and preferences of its customers.

Design and Technology at Work

Cutting-edge solutions put the company at the forefront of technological innovation and design. Their reliable and advanced wireless tech for uninterrupted productivity and security in the workplace, unparalleled connectivity with their Unifying receiver, the increasingly popular Darkfield Laser tracking technology in laser mice, as well as a range of portable, on-the-go productivity solutions for unequaled mobility is what puts the tech giant a step ahead of the rest. 

How It All Began

Founded in Switzerland in 1981, initially as a software company, Logitech was also one of the earliest to establish its footing in Silicon Valley. This was a time for many global firsts -the first consumer ball mouse, the P4, came out in 1984. It was followed by the C7 – the first thumb-operated trackball, and the world’s first ergonomic mouse – the S9. 

The varying needs of its growing customer base meant the release of the MinuteMan Mouse range in varying sizes and left and right-hand orientation, the Wingman joystick marking its entry into the gaming market, and the first-ever Kidz mouse. Subsequent products varied from webcams, cordless laser mice, gaming-specific keyboards, and THX-certified speakers. Partnerships with key players of the time, including IBM, Compaq, Apple, and Microsoft have expanded the appeal and accessibility of its products. 

Current Product Lines

Over time, the company’s range of products has expanded to include various items such as Ultimate in-ear monitors, wireless Bluetooth speakers, and universal fit earphones. They are also well-known for their Jaybird wireless Bluetooth sport earbuds, Slim Devices audio streaming lines, MX line of top-tier mice and keyboards, C computer webcams, G line of gaming products and accessories, and F wired and wireless gamepads. Additionally, they have the Harmony series of programmable remote controls. 

Here are just five of the thousands of products worth your hard-earned cash.

The MX Master 3s Productivity Mouse

This is the latest multi-purpose productivity mouse coming out of the MX line. It features an updated, comfortable and ergonomic design, a unique set of productivity features adaptable to specific software, a revised magnetic scroll-wheel, and long battery life considering its wireless design. It comes as a right-hand option, with curves to suit a natural grip and textured non-slip surfaces for the thumb and palm. The mouse includes seven programmable buttons, a top-facing clickable scroll wheel with different scrolling speeds, in addition to a secondary thumb scroll.  

The MX Master 3s mouse comes with Windows, Mac, and Linux compatibility, and can be used to control 3 different devices. Control is precise, quick, and intuitive, meaning improved and efficient workflow and navigation across one or several demanding applications at a time. The device also comes with an industry-leading 70-day battery life and is charged through the front-facing USB port. Color options are graphite and pale grey. 

The G502 Hero Gaming Mouse

If you need a sturdy and fast mouse for gaming, look no further that the angular G502 Hero. It has a rich feature list, comes in an ergonomic right-handed shape with integrated thumb rest, and is a comfortable option for long playing sessions. There are 12 programmable buttons in total, a scroll wheel with left and right tilt input and varying scrolling speed for quick navigation and use when not gaming. 

On the performance side, the G502 Hero has very low latency, so no delays when playing. The mouse can be optioned as a wired variant, or you can go for the wireless G502 Hero Lightspeed. 

MX Keys Keyboard

This wireless keyboard features a slim and lightweight design (weighing just 800 grams) and the portability to be lugged around, considering it can be connected to three different devices at once. It comes as a full-sized offering with an included numerical pad. 

Typing on this keyboard is smooth, comfortable, and quiet on the scissor-switch and chiclet key design, with gentle indents for accurate positioning and fast typing speeds. The plastic build is sturdy, only lacking a dedicated palm rest as found in its bigger brother the MX Mechanical, though more than makes up it for a near-premium look and very low price. 

Additional features and usability are enhanced by the backlighting, Bluetooth and wireless connectivity, programmable MX keys, and long battery life, making it ideal for both work and play. 

Z407 Bluetooth Speakers

If you want immersive sound for your desktop or laptop, consider the Logitech Z407 2.1 speakers. This comes with dual 10-watt satellites and a down-firing 20-watt subwoofer and drivers that are aligned perfectly with the ears in a configurable horizontal or vertical orientation with included stands. The system is supplied with a wireless desktop remote to control playback and volume levels, as well as switch between audio sources. 

The sound is clear at all volumes, with no audible distortion, good separation of mids and highs, and rumbling low-end bass, and enhanced with digital processing. An inexpensive Bluetooth audio system in a classy and compact package that is miles ahead of the sound you get from any built-in computer speakers. 

G535 Gaming Headphones

This an affordable headset for PC and console use, coming at a featherweight 236 grams, extremely comfortable for hours of gaming fun or listening to music, and with simple controls for power, volume, and mic input on the left cup. The G hub software allows a decent amount of customization with tons of EQ presets. It connects to PCs and most consoles using the provided USB-A dongle. Playback time is rated for 33 hours before charges. 

The sound is great for both games and music, with excellent bass, mids and highs, and clear sound through the microphone. For the price, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a better headset anywhere else.

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