Why Should Businesses Choose Glass Bottles & Containers?

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Jan 5, 2024 Reading time : 3 min

If you’re in the stage of research and development of your company, recently launched a new product, or contemplating the possibility of a rebranding or expansion, the choice to sell your product in glass bottles and containers is probably something you must consider.

The decision to pack a product is never simple to make. Typically, things such as logistics and cost are the primary considerations when choosing to sell products in less expensive and lighter plastic packaging. While these are essential considerations but there are many more reasons that glass packaging is more valuable than plastic at a greater price. Let’s gain an insightful view of why businesses should choose glass bottles over their plastic counterparts by going through the reasons shared below. 

Eliminating Contaminants and Maintaining the Taste

As a beverage and food packaging material, glass is classified as “GRAS” by the US FDA. The FDA is an excellent source of knowledge because it provides education-related information, databases, and lists of food allergens, color ingredients, food additives, and GRAS ingredients that are safe to consume. One should always refer to the FDA guidelines while making drinking glass or other containers for maximum safety. 

Glass is not contaminated by harmful chemicals, meaning that they are not released into beverage or food products. Also, glass is a porous substance which means with proper sterilization, the glass bottle will impart water, and other liquid’s their own flavor and taste. Always remember that a high-quality product will draw a high-end client who is willing to pay more.

Glass can be Reused

The lifespan of plastic packaging ends within minutes after the product has been consumed or used, which is why making reusable glass packaging a part of your business’s strategy should be a top priority.

The purchase of glass containers and bottles is a good idea since they are safe to reuse by using some simple cleaning methods. Companies are quickly beginning to implement various recycling programs for bottles and provide incentives to customers who make an effort. 

Enjoy the Design of Your Packaging 

Now is the chance to create something unique. Many glass companies offer an assortment of designs that you can choose from to help create your brand’s life. Custom-designed glass bottles should be your choice if you want to improve your product packaging design and take it to the next level. The style of the container or bottle must be one that your customers can safely and efficiently use at home. If they like the bottle design, shape, and quality, they are more likely to become frequent buyers and purchase your items more.

There are a variety of businesses, such as breweries, dairy farms, etc., that have already made the transition to more sustainable, reusable, and sustainable packaging. You can also follow suit by adopting glass bottles over plastic bottles as part of your strategy and execution. This one change alone can significantly impact your bottom line, so take glass as a material more seriously. Shared above are just a few reasons why glass bottles are better options for businesses that should be enough to make you think. 

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