6 Reasons to Choose a Career in Cybersecurity

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The virtual world has come a long way since the inception of the Internet. The Internet has enabled computers to connect over long distances and across time zones, making for a quick and free flow of information. This widespread interconnectedness, however, has given rise to countless security risks. 

If you’re a cybersecurity enthusiast and want to work in the field to make the Internet a safer place, then you should pursue a degree in the field. A career in cybersecurity will open up a whole new world of cyberspace. 

Some common Cybersecurity threats like Phishing attacks, data breaches, blackmailing, etc. can be avoided by upgrading your cybersecurity game and becoming a professional. 

Why Choose a Career in Cybersecurity?

The Internet has always proved to be helpful for people in numerous ways, but this place can also become hell when used by the wrong people. Terms like cyberattacks and cyberbullying are no longer foreign because these things are growing and becoming fierce day by day. 

This is where cybersecurity comes into play. Cybersecurity in simple terms means protecting systems, programs, data, etc. from cyberattacks. 

Experts in the field use their knowledge of cybersecurity to protect this space from the growing and rising threat of cybercriminals who are busy hacking, manipulating, or blackmailing users over the ungoverned space. 

The following is a list of reasons that explain why you should go for a career in cybersecurity. 

Better Job Opportunities

As an expert in IT and cyberspace, lots of job opportunities will come knocking on your door. Nearly every industry in the world has digitized and carved out a portion of online real estate for itself.

Companies need a secure line of communication to maintain operational secrecy against competitors. From small startups to large government operations, everybody is looking toward cybersecurity and its professionals to keep their information safe.

This means that cybersecurity professionals are in high demand. Fortunately, getting a cybersecurity degree, like the master’s cyber security online, is now easier than ever. All you have to do is enroll yourself online, study the program, complete the course hours, and voilà! You will have the skill and expertise to make your contributions in securing the online realm. 

Job opportunities

It Makes a Difference

If you think this field is all about money, then your assumptions couldn’t be further from the truth. An expert in the field will divulge to you that the work is nobler than that. In this, you will be busy not only securing the online realm, but you will also devising new ways to foil sinister plots hatched by the cybercriminals. 

With everything going digital, from banking transactions to health monitoring, every information flowing needs to be protected. Even medical devices like pacemakers are protected by cybersecurity professionals. 

In 2017, due to some security issues, the manufacturers put out a massive recall for pacemakers. 

Heart patients use these devices to monitor their condition. There were fears that these devices could be hacked, and the information manipulated or leaked, without the patient’s knowledge. 

Similarly, other monitoring devices—related to health or others—that are connected over the Internet can also be hacked.

Helping patch up these loopholes and gaps in security against potential malpractices imparts a sense of fulfillment in the professional’s heart about this kind of work. 

Make a difference through cybersecurity

New Puzzles to Solve

If you’re someone who enjoys solving puzzles, then this is the perfect field for you. The world of cybersecurity has newer problems cropping up almost incessantly that will require you to use your skills to deal with them. 

There are a thousand different ways to solve a problem, and as a puzzle enthusiast, your hands will be full of new issues to resolve, and you will feel a sense of thrill in doing so as well. There’s no better satisfaction than the one you get after cracking a complex problem.

Puzzle solving

Unstoppable Growth

In the post-industrial world, everything is about information and big data which gives cybersecurity a practically unlimited growth potential. Apart from the information that we share, AI is making massive inroads into our lives. This means that cybersecurity experts have unlimited potential to explore. 

With lots of data available, AI has helped map and predict security risks and improve security standards. AI helps cybersecurity experts go through reams of data almost effortlessly in a matter of seconds, enabling quick, efficient and updated safety measures. 

Room for Career Exploration

It’s quite common for people to get bored in their careers after they succeed in learning all they can about their field. With this innovative degree and the knowledge, it imparts to one about the IT sector, you can seamlessly move into any sector you please. 

With the knowledge you gather here, you can apply it anywhere from app development to web development to other computer-related fields. 

Job Security and Relevance

If you’re worried about the relevance of a cybersecurity degree then you have nothing to fear. With big data and AI coming in hot, cyber experts will be the most sought-after professionals in the evolving job markets because all companies have to comply with cybersecurity regulations

Think about it: with such widespread penetration of interconnected communication, do you think cybersecurity will become irrelevant in any way whatsoever? Autonomous cars that communicate with each other over the cloud will need robust cybersecurity protocols to prevent hackers from causing accidents, overtaking controls of the cars, or misleading them down the wrong paths. 

Cybersecurity is poised for exponential growth in the coming decades. The world is moving away from hardware, and it only means that things are going to move into the virtual world quicker than expected. 

The raging pandemic has only served to ossify these trends further as work has moved away from physical workspaces to online spaces. Learning has moved into the virtual space as well. There are now more resources for studying and getting degrees online than on campus, leading to a rise in enrollments in these programs. 


Cybersecurity is, without a doubt, one of the most exciting career choices to have arrived at the latest and burgeoning IT landscape. Whereas IT is and remains a somewhat static field, changing only a little every few years or so. 

Cybersecurity is a constantly evolving body of knowledge that relies on an almost minute-by-minute analysis of the risks and vulnerabilities of cyberspace. Now that you have known all the reasons to be in this area, you must know how to start a cybersecurity company

With a career in this exciting field, you will not only get a fat paycheck but also get to use your creative juices to the best of your abilities. You can make the cyber realm safer in the face of the threats posed by cybercriminals. 

Frequently Asked Questions
Why choose cybersecurity as a career?

You should choose cybersecurity as a career because it not only offers a good package but also gives job satisfaction and a euphoric feeling of doing something good. This job is perfect for those who like challenges and unstoppable growth. 

What to choose for cybersecurity?

To learn cybersecurity you can go for the following fields of study – Security Architect, Cybersecurity Engineer, Computer Forensics Analyst, Penetration Tester, etc.

What are the three important things about cybersecurity?

The three important things about cybersecurity are Integrity, Confidentiality, and Availability.

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