6 Tips to Keep in Mind When You’re Buying an Ash Catcher

Updated On February 21, 2022 | by Samara Davis


Are you buying a new slide and need an ash catcher that matches? Do you already have a slide and want to upgrade your bubbler? If you’re looking for a well-made, smooth smoking experience, look no further than glass ash catchers.

Here are features you can look for when choosing a slide or glass ash catcher.

Tip 1: Size

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For a slide, choose an appropriate size based on your personal preferences and what your bong allows. If you have an enormous bong with a big bowl opening, a 10mm slide might be more appropriate than the 14mm slides that come standard on most pieces.

For ash catchers, choose an appropriate size for your bong. When selecting a bong, it’s helpful to think of the slide as fitting into the downstem so you can determine how big of a catcher you need. If you have a 14mm slide and 18mm downstem, you want to buy an 18mm catcher for your ashes. While these equipment usually are smaller than slides, get whatever size makes sense for your bong.

Tip 2: Thickness

For both these devices, thicker is better. Thinner glass wears down faster and breaks easier, while thicker glass lasts longer. Check the thickness of both pieces before you buy to make sure they won’t break while you’re using them.

The catcher should be thick; only then will it be durable and easier to maintain for a longer time.

Tip 3: Joints

Make sure to look at the size of the joints when investing in a slide or catcher. In addition to color-coded 14/14mm slides and catchers, some pieces have a third joint that’s much smaller or larger than the others. These pieces are meant for one-hitter bowls, so make sure they are compatible with your bong before you buy.

Look at the joint size between the downstem and the piece’s base for catchers. If it’s too small, you won’t be able to fit it into your bong; if it’s too large, it won’t fit snugly and might fall out. The ideal joint size is between 14mm and 18mm, so your glass slide will do and smoke smoothly.

Tip 4: Quality

The best glass catchers are made from thick glass that’s been properly annealed. When you’re shopping for a new piece, check the thickness and color of the glass, and make sure it doesn’t look like it has any defects.

Glass catchers are meant to be used repeatedly for many years, so quality is essential. A good glass catcher for your ashes should last you a lifetime, so invest in one that will stand the test of time.

Tip 5: Price

Don’t overspend on a glass catcher or slide. Lighter usage requires lighter materials. While it’s better to pay a little more money for higher quality, don’t buy an expensive piece if you’re going to use it only occasionally.

Suppose you’re buying something that will get heavy wear and tear, invest in a high-quality piece. But if you only plan to use the catcher or slide a few times, it’s okay to save some money and go for a cheaper option.

Tip 6: Know Your Needs

Glass slides and glass catchers are meant to be used together to complement each other. If you’re buying a new bong, make sure your glass slide and catcher work together. If you already have a bong, make sure to pair it with a high-quality piece that you can use again and again.

Final Thoughts

If you follow these tips when picking out the perfect catcher or slide for your needs, you’ll be able to find a high-quality piece that fits well with your bong and smoking preferences. With the right glass accessories, you can have a smooth smoking experience every time.

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