How to Wear Nose Pin Fashionably?

Jan 24, 2023 Reading time : 4 min

Nose pins are probably the biggest trend that you will see today. Gone are the times when only married or older women wore them. Today, anyone who wants to make a unique style statement is sporting a nose pin. They are even being sported on global runways!

And we are not just talking about the plain old hoop-style nose pins. Think studs, geometric designs, unique motifs, septum rings, and more. Unlike the traditional cookie-cutter style of piercing, they are being worn in completely new ways. Nose pins are being layered, stacked, and rearranged. In short, they are being customized to match you and your vibe.

Here are some tips from our fashion experts about how to style your nose pins:

Double Piercings on the Same Nostril

Sporting a single stud has been quite the trend for decades now. Stylists now say that clients are now asking them for multiple piercings on one nostril. As the name suggests, you get two piercings side-by-side, which is double the fun and style quotient! Since this piercing is stacked together closely looking like snake fangs marks, it is also known as the ‘snakebite’. 

People often style two small nose studs in the double pierces. The studs can either be of the same size or you can opt for one bigger than the other. Our stylists recommend that you try two seamless hoops to make it look more attractive. 

Both Nostrils Piercings

Wearing a nose pin adds so much to your style. Wearing two will take your quirky look notches higher. This is a very unusual yet super stunning style of piercing where you get each side of your nose pierced that flatters all face shapes.

You can wear a nose ring and a stud on either side to up your cool quotient. Or try shiny small diamond studs or gold nose pins for women on both sides. If you want to go a little bolder, try bigger and flatter nose pins.

Septum Rings

Call them hippie, gothic, or hipster, septum rings have been worn for decades and are here to stay. Though it’s considered to be an alternative form of piercing, the number of women sporting it says a lot about its popularity. 

Some of the best styles to try on your septum piercings include curved barbells, seamless rings, or even those studded with stones, wood, and pearls. You can also opt for septum rings with tiny attached chains for a bolder look. 

Bridge Piercing

Nose piercings are already considered to be an edgy style statement. What takes their unusualness notches higher is bridge piercing. Also known as Erl, this piercing is done horizontally across the bridge of the nose just between your eyes. 

The best style to opt for with a bridge piercing is a curved barbell. Or you can also opt for two individual diamond studs. 

High Nostril Piercing

If you want to try something outside the traditional nostril piercing, this one’s for you. High nostril piercing, as the name suggests, is a piercing that sits at the top of the nostril. 

You will have two studs on either side of the bridge of your nose connected with a delicate chain.

Styling Nose Pins with Your Attire

It is often believed that nose pins can only be styled with traditional clothes. While that’s true, nose pins go famously well with western outfits too. You can pair them up with denim, tees, jumpsuits, and even a pair of shorts on a day out with your friends to create that amazing fusion look. What’s more, they make for a memorable gold jewelry gift too!

You cannot go wrong with these fashionable ways to wear jewelry. These styles are sure to transform your looks. Whichever option you choose, we advise taking proper care of your piercing by keeping it clean to enjoy it for a longer time to come. 

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