Understanding Online Casino Lists in Canada 101

Updated On June 22, 2023 | by Bill Wilson

Online Casino in Canada

Open for Business

Ontario, Canada, has become one of the biggest markets to open to online gambling in recent times. In April 2022, the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario, in conjunction with iGaming Ontario, allowed multiple commercial casino operators to open their virtual doors.  

Online clubhouses in Canada are very popular having over 19.3 million registered user accounts making it one of the biggest businesses in the country. The game is enjoyed by all genders equally which led the government of Ontario to regulate and legalize its market. 

With the legalization of this industry, the chances of fraudulence have also increased, which is why ACBO aimed to get users away from offshore operators to protect them. Getting a wagering license requires companies to adhere to some strict policies. 

Another aspect of this regulated market is that a portion of revenue from casinos directly goes to the province’s coffers in the form of revenue. 

So Many Options for Ontarians

With so many licenses granted and so many options available for the Ontarian gambler, choosing where to lay your wager can be somewhat confusing. This is where clubs come into their own. 

Online casino

They allow you to compare the different websites on a like-for-like basis. Independent, professional reviewers put together the best casino. They are not paid by any operator to get leap-frogged up the list. 

Start with the License

Whenever you are looking at a list of operators and trying to make sense of where to play, the first thing to ensure is that you are looking at a list of legal sites. The opening of a regulated market in Ontario has been great news for reputable operators and citizens alike. However, some offshore companies will be feeling pretty sore.

The squeezing of the gray market will directly affect their bottom line as customers move to the regulated sector. 

Some reviewers who compile records of digital casinos might be tempted to accept a payment to include one of the unlicensed web pages. Step away if you come across a list featuring sites that do not prominently display an iGaming Ontario permit. You cannot trust the table, and this is a red flag. 

That list might have regulated warehouses among the other ones, but it is not independent or looking out for your interests. It should never be hard to find the license, either. Any online casino that has gone to the time and expense to gain a permit is going to want to make sure its customers can easily find the logo for the permit.

What do the Lists Compare

Once you have found a list of reputable online casinos, you can begin to choose where to play. The independent reviewers have a long record of criteria against which the online casinos are ranked. This lets them get a 360 view of the clubhouse and let you know the best and worst things about a particular operator. They then give the digital clubs a score to see which ranks the highest.

The Highest Score does not Necessarily Mean it is the Best for you

Opting for a casino based on its score will not guarantee you the best experience. Scores are not always reliable and what is good for one may not be good for another. If you want to choose a good clubhouse for yourself, you can go for the reviewer’s feedback.

Look for the Number and Range of Games Available

If you are looking for a club with the highest number of slots, PlayOJO is the casino having 3,000 titles including slots. Though it has a wide game selection and innovation, no option for playing in demo mode is available. 

So, if you’re a newbie then, this casino may not be the best option for you, as demo mode allows players to try out a range of free games, ideal for a beginner. 

Casino Lists Show You the Possible Payment Options

It is the same across a broad range of criteria. For example, warehouse lists will let you know the payment options. It might be that you want to pay with Amex. You will need to look through the record to find PayPal casinos if this is the case. Currently, no online clubs in Canada are linked up to take Amex deposits. 

PayPal casinos

However, if your Amex card is registered on your PayPal account, you can use this little life hack to pay with your method of choice.  Alternatively, you might like to pay by phone, which is an option at many mobile casino sites. Again you can find all this information in the lists.

Play Safe

Safety is an essential factor when you are playing online. After all, you are trusting the digital clubs with a great deal of personal information. It is not just your financial details; you must prove you are over 21 and a resident of the province. That means a lot of data is exchanging hands between platforms and clouds and data networks. Sites on reputable casino lists will have your back and only recommend secure pages.

From your end, remember only to play on secure networks. Do not share sensitive information on public networks if you are out and about. Your mobile data is a much safer option. Finally, do not use the same password across multiple sites. As the saying goes, it is better to be safe than sorry.