Totally Science Gitlab: Features, Benefits, and Best Practices for Totallyscience.GitHub

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Totally Science Gitlab is a gift for those working in the scientific research or software development industry.

This platform provides a digital space to researchers and developers, to manage and share their experiments and codes. 

What’s more? It is one of those technological advancements that can help a company get ahead of its competitors.

This blog delves into the features, benefits, ways to use, and best practices for Totallyscience.github.

What is Totally Science Gitlab?

TotallyScience Gitlab is an online platform that helps scientists and developers manage all of their projects with ultimate ease and safety. But why do they need it? Well, precisely they need it to:

  • Store their research data and results.
  • Create and manage codes.
  • Work collaboratively, and keep track of all changes. 

With the recent updates, Totally Science Gitlab can even integrate the AI that writes code. Apart from that, there are other features that you can go through.


Features of TotallyScience GitHub

Totally Science Gitlab offers features that users may rarely find in any other similar tools.

  • Project management: The platform provides the ability to store the codes or data in a repository, create a specific timeline, set milestones, and organize tasks.
  • Customization: It helps to customize the user experience with the help of diverse tools in its kit.
  • Issue tracking: Totally Science.GitHub helps with the real-time issue tracking of bugs and posted notes by the researchers/developers.
  • Activity feeds: It provides quick updates on changes and contributions in the projects. 
  • Data security: The web-based platform works towards online data protection and better IT security, through hosting data, encrypting information, and limiting project access.
  • CI/CD Capabilities: It enables real-time collaboration, quick deployment, and editing by others.

Hence, with the above features Totally Science can help individuals in their wide areas of professional work. 

Benefits of TotallyScience GitLab

Due to the above wide variety of features, there are several benefits of Totally Science. Com for the users. Some of these benefits are:

  • Collaboration: The discussion boards, project sharing, real-time updates, Wikis integration, and editing tracks – all make collaboration a core benefit of this platform.
  • Version control: offers the ability to switch between versions in case of an issue.
  • Personalization: A good amount of features to help the users in complete personalization of their experience. 
  • Cost efficiency: No maintenance or licensing fees are charged to beginners in this field.
  • Extensibility: Through integrations and script customization the functionality of Totallyscience can be extended. 
  • Platform flexibility: One may easily select between secure cloud storage, cloud-based solutions, or a self-hosted platform.

Hence, considering these features, Gitlab comes up as the best option for coders and researchers who need to store their data and collaborate with others. 

How to Join Totally Science?

Totally Science can be joined by a user in a few easy steps. In order to join this platform, these steps must be followed:

  • Open the browser and go to the official site of Totally Science Gitlab.
  • Upon reaching the website, click on the Sign-up
  • Provide all of the Credentials.
  • Select the option to Create an account
  • Login into the account. 

How to Use TotallyScience?

After logging in to Totally Science, it becomes easy to make use of its variety of features. Following are a few ways the researchers/developers can make use of it:

  • Create a new project to store the data.
  • Add project members and provide access permissions to administer, edit, or view.
  • Further, add files to the repository.
  • Identify and note bugs, requests, and individual tasks, with the help of the issue tracker.
  • Use the CI/CD capabilities of Totally Science to automate – run tests and upload applications. 
  • Go to the integrated Wiki to make documents, notes, and other sub-projects. 
  • Integrate other tools like Sentry and Slack for greater customization.
  • Make careful use of multiple settings, group permissions, and access to ensure project safety. 

By using this online platform, the software developers may even deal with the common challenges in automated testing.

Best Practices for Scientists on TotallyScience Gitlab

There are several best practices that scientists may adopt to make full use of the Totally Science GitLab. Some of them are mentioned below:

  • Structure and start a research paper, through standardized documentation, data storage, naming conventions, and establishing hierarchies. 
  • Can be used to manage data and code, and thereby strategy making. 
  • Using commit messages for collaboration, troubleshooting, and tracking changes
  • Scientists may also use Totallyscience for open access to research, or even publicize their own projects.
  • Selecting among licensing choices of the platform to protect the intellectual property of the research.
  • Engaging with the scientific community via discussions and sharing work. 

Hence, scientists may make full use of this platform to carry out their research projects efficiently. 

Use of Total Science GitLab Cases in Scientific Research

In scientific research, Totally has been utilized in a variety of project cases helping thousands of researchers with it.

use-cases-in-Totally-Science .-com

Let’s have a look at some of them:

  • Field studies: Planning of field research, storage of sample data, and analysis of results. 
  • Software development for science: Modeling, simulation, and visualization, along with open-source development for everyone to use.
  • Conference organization: Develop a submission portal, aid the review process, and manage applicants’ data on Totally Science. Com.
  • Computational research: Develop and store codes and scripts, publish anonymous datasets, and aid in data visualization.
  • Scientific lab management: Manage tasks, protocols, inventory, equipment calibration, samples, and ordering. 

Hence, for scientists today, this platform can serve them in multiple niches and areas of scientific work. 

Troubleshooting Common Issues in Totally Science Co

When a developer or a scientist faces issues while using Totally Science .com, it might be a roadblock to the project at hand. Following are some of the ways these issues may be resolved:

  • Platform’s guidance: This platform has its own step-by-step guidance manuals for its consumers to use at times of common issues. 
  • Issues tracking: The issues tracking system of Gitlab helps with the real-time identification, reporting, and resolution of technical issues in the platform.
  • Platform’s community: The extensive community of this platform also offers guides and solutions to fellow users, which are helpful at the time of an issue. 

Hence, while using Totally Science .com above methods can be used to resolve a technical issue within the platform. 


Totally Science Gitlab is one of the best platforms that both researchers and developers may use in their projects. 

It helps them widely through its features for data management, change tracking, and collaboration. 

Frequently Asked Questions
Where can I find Totally Science apps?

You may find Totally Science apps here – 

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Some of the Totally Science alt links are –,,, and 


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