Valorant Beginner’s Guide Tips and Tricks for New Players

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tips and tricks for valorant beginners
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Valorant is one of the most played first-person shooter games. After the release, Valorant has gained millions of dedicated fans, and its fan base has been increasing ever since. If you want to master this shooting game, you need to take a unique approach. Valorant can be challenging for new players. So, if you are a new player and facing difficulties in getting a grip over this game, this article can help you.

Best Tips and Tricks for Valorant

Mastering a game takes years of practice and dedication. You cannot just start playing the game and expect to perform with perfection. You will get defeated, die, and fail many times. Practicing without losing hope is the key to mastering any game. Here is a list of useful tips that will help you understand the game better and make useful strategies.

1. Good Communication in Team

Valorant is a team game. Good communication between the team is very important. So, always keep in touch with your team and share your plans. When you have no proper communication with your team, you fail to perform together and encounter defeat. 

A team that communicates well can even defeat other stronger teams. You can share the in-game movements, enemy locations, and item drop areas by communicating with your team. 

Before the match, discussing your plan with the team will enhance the chance of a successful attack. Even when the battle is over, you can discuss the strategy you have used and point out its flaws. All these will help you to make better plans. 

But make sure that you are communicating with your team properly and giving the right information. Miscommunication can be really devastating for the whole team.

2. Practice Aiming

Aiming is all about good muscle memory. To create strong muscle memory, you have to practice shooting as much as possible. Regular practicing is the only way to get better at it. The best way to improve your aim is by setting a benchmark for your aiming improvement. 

You should spend 10 to 15 minutes practicing your aim regularly to see any improvement. That is why practicing in the Range is advised before joining the actual competitive mode.

3. Stay Still While Shooting

This tip is mainly for beginners. When you are new, you should stand still while shooting. Moving and shooting can be too confusing for you. Using the right controls is perplexing for the new players, so you should not take a chance while attacking the enemies. 

Moreover, you need to control the recoil of your gun if you are moving while firing. So, get used to shooting from one place and hitting the exact target first. When you get habituated, you can incorporate movements like running or walking. For more such useful hacks, you can visit

4. Get an Idea About Gun Recoils

Understanding gun recoils is also important. Every gun has a different recoil. So stick to a particular gun until you understand its fire rate and recoil type. Once you understand these two components, you will be able to shoot better.

Another thing about gun recoil is that your gun will fire downwards with the first nine bullets, and from the tenth bullet, it will go from left to right. So, you need to adjust your mouse accordingly.

5. Adjust the Mouse Sensitivity

Adjusting your mouse sensitivity is also essential. It will make your game easier. You should keep your mouse sensitive enough so that you can move your character 180 degrees just with a single swipe. You can test the mouse sensitivity by moving the mouse from one side of the mouse pad to the other. So, be sure to set the mouse perfectly.

Pick the Right Guns

Having a favorite gun is no crime but keeping a flexible approach is helpful here. You need to select your gun according to the situation. Some great guns are for long-range fights, while others are best for short-range battles. So, depending on your need, choose the gun.


These are some of the most useful tips and tricks that will polish your skills and help you to win battles. Pro-players suggest all these tips so you can rely on them blindly. Mastering any game over a night is not possible. You have to try repeatedly and learn from your mistakes. Consider every death as your lesson and never repeat the same mistake. So, keep practicing this game and do not forget to enjoy it.

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