Key Points That the Migrants Must Look After While Taking Furnished Flats on Rent in Delhi

Jan 5, 2024 Reading time : 4 min

Well, purchasing a huge apartment is not everybody’s choice; many people consider renting flats as their first preference.

Finding the most appropriate flat on rent that too in Delhi is not a piece of cake; it can become a literal task if certain points are not kept in mind. There are several options available for a rental property in the capital city, but finding the best fully furnished flat for rent in Delhi requires you to consider some key points, and they are discussed below.


The foremost factor that one needs to consider is the proximity of the flat to commercial centers. Well, the migrants are completely new to the city. They should undergo thorough research about the nearby public centers such as colleges, schools, hospitals, public transportation centers, etc. Students must check the rental flat’s availability near their colleges for easy commutation.

Rental Policy

Another major point to focus on is the rental policy. Generally, the landlord and the tenant mutually decide about the rent of the flat concerning demand and supply forces of the same in a specific area. However, factors such as location, floor, amenities, etc., also affect the rental prices. The tenant must have a clear discussion about the rent and its incremental policy with the landlord.

Maintenance Charges

One of the most common reasons for dispute between the landlord and tenant is about who will incur the maintenance charges. The tenant must be made clear about the terms and conditions of the tenancy agreement. Usually, the landlord incurs the repair and maintenance costs except for the normal wear and tear. So, the landlord must allocate different expenses and clear about the same to the tenant to avoid future disputes.

Intrusion by the Landlord

Well, there is no point of interference by the landlord when the house keys are finally assigned to the tenant. The tenant has a pure right to the flat for the agreed period, and the landlord cannot intervene in the same without the tenant’s consent.

In India, landlords have very strict rules about the opposite gender’s entry to the house. So, if the tenant is a bachelor and wants to invite his friends over then, he must consider discussing the same with the landlord and seek his permission.

The same applies to pets. Some people do not allow pets in the flats as their bark and other activities annoy other residents. So if you are a pet lover, do get this factor clear.

Advance Payment 

Many landlords in Delhi ask for one month’s rent as an advance payment. Some landlords fix six-month rent as an advance payment for the finalization of the agreement. Well, it is all about the market practices and the landlord’s discretion. The advance payment also depends on other factors such as furnishing status etc. So, it is advised that the tenant must get himself clear about the advance payment policy with the landlord.

Rules for Vacating Flat 

It is another major point of concern while vacating a flat for violation of guidelines or the agreement. In case if the tenant has to vacate the flat before the agreed period, then he must be cleared about the notice period. The landlord must give prior notice and also be clear about the reason for such action. Usually, a period of 15 to 30 days is given as a notice period for the contract’s termination.

Written Rental Agreement

Certainly, many disputes between the landlord and tenant occur due to the carelessness shown in the rental agreement. It is important on the part of both parties to stay careful while drafting the final rental agreement. The following points are be kept clear and in writing:

  • Name of both the parties and the address of the property to be given on lease.
  • Beginning and ending dates of the lease agreement.
  • Rental payments and their frequency.
  • Advance payment
  • Repair and maintenance responsibility
  • A notice period of vacating the leased property
  • Terms and conditions of agreement termination
  • Terms for utility facilities

Necessary Documents

To avoid any trouble, it is the tenant’s responsibility to check if the flat is free from any fraud or not. In that case, he or she must ask for important documents such as registry, transfer paper, last paid bills copy, etc., from the broker or directly the landlord.

Apart from some basic factors, these are some key points that require urgent attention on the part of tenants. So, if you are a student or a job seeker seeking a fully furnished flat on rent in Delhi, consider these points before taking any final decision.                             

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