Strangest Casino Rules: How Many of them Did You Know About?

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Jan 5, 2024 Reading time : 6 min

We hear strange news daily; some even come from gambling. Since online gambling has become prevalent, you will listen to the most unfamiliar casino rules flood your newsfeed from all over the globe.

Here, this article has collected some interesting facts about casinos and gambling in several states and cities. We wouldn’t have believed them unless there were valid publications about them!

How about you check them out for yourself to find out if they are true?

You Can Sue Casinos for Losses Greater Than $5

In Kentucky, since you can gamble for charity, you can sue the casino if you make a loss of more than $5! And you have to do so within six months, or you will miss the chance!

After six months, other people can volunteer to take up the case you neglected to file and can make three times the money lost in the casino! 

Because this is so ridiculous, and God knows who made it, the government wants to close the gambling business in Kentucky for life. We can’t blame them. 

Monaco Locals are Prohibited from Gambling in Monte Carlo Casino 

Even though Monaco has the most luxurious Monte Carlo casino in their locality, the locals are prohibited from entering the casino! However, tourists are more than welcome to play there. 

Although the locals are allowed to work there, gambling is off-limits. The Princely Family created this strange rule to prevent the locals from wasting their money on gambling. 

It makes sense for the government to make money from tourists instead of locals. For moral reasons, the locals can spend their hard-earned money on more critical daily needs. 

Casino Games are Forbidden on Sundays in Alabama

Although the weekend seems the perfect time to play free slots online, the Alabama government thinks otherwise. You can play casino games all you want any other day of the week, though!

Alabama is the second most religious state in the United States of America. Considering this fact, it makes sense for the community to spend time in church and with family on Sundays. However, that hasn’t stopped some people from leaving the state to gamble on the weekend.

Lucky for you, the best online slots for real money are available at wildtornado online casino 24/7, Sundays or otherwise!

You Can’t Play Bingo for More Than 5 Hours in North Carolina

You read it right. You can’t play bingo continuously for more than 5 hours. On top of the 5-hour limit per day, there must be a 2-day interval before playing another game! Do you think the government laid this law because there are too many bingo addicts in North Carolina?

Adding to the list of weirdness, people can only play bingo for two days a week. If somebody breaches the law, the consequence is serious! 

It is weird because bingo is only played in North Carolina for charity. The more people play this game; the more charity is generated. Then, I wonder why there is a cap on playing bingo, right?

Women Can’t Wear Lingerie to Oklahoma Casinos

Of all the things you can wear to a casino, especially high-end ones, why would you wear lingerie?

The Oklahoma government prevents women from showing up in casinos in bath towels and lingerie. Some female netizens seem to have caused a stir wearing these items to casinos! 

For your information, Oklahoma is another state quite strict about religion. Therefore, it only makes sense for the government to request women be fully clothed when gambling. 

So, ladies, if you like playing free online casino slots in Oklahoma, remember this amusing law! But if you prefer to be in your comfort zone, wearing whatever you want, online slots are an excellent option.

You Can Ban Yourself from a Casino

When you finally realize that your gambling habits are out of control, you can willingly ban yourself from some casino! 

In Ohio, this is called a Voluntary Exclusion program that lets you prohibit yourself from playing slots, table games, and other gambling-related games for a few years or life. 

Also, you can’t eliminate your name from the casino list once it has been input. So, think it through before you banish yourself!

You Can’t Play Online Slots in the Library

This rule was placed in England and Wales in the Library Offence Act of 1898, where people can’t play slots on their phones, even when nobody is looking! 

It makes sense to maintain the quiet in the Library. But that’s an easy fix for the Brits! Log in to your favorite casino once you’ve stepped outside the Library, and start playing slots online immediately! 

Gamblers Gambled on Water in Indiana

In 1993, casinos in Indiana were located on the water, meaning the players had to play on boats only! These riverboat casinos were popular on Lake Michigan and the Ohio River, which attracted a big crowd!

Even though it sounds fun to have casinos over water bodies, things have changed. After online slots and video pokers were introduced, this law was relaxed.

Play Craps without Dice

Craps is a dice game, but you can’t use dice in Canada to play it! It is illegal to use the dice! 

So, how do Canadian play this fantastic casino game? They use cards ranging from 1 to 6. The number of cards in the deck changes based on who is shuffling. Hence, the probabilities of the combos also change. 

Either way, if you reside in Canada, make sure you learn how to play craps with cards!

Did These Strangest Casino Rules Surprise You?

For now, the list of stranger things in the casinos are limited to what we have listed here. As time passes, stranger rules will appear that will surprise you even more! 

Even though individual casinos did not directly create some rules in this article, the government of those states sure had some laughs while making them! 

Who cares what you wear to a casino? Or which website are you visiting on your phone in the Library? Can you play online slots in Canada with anything other than chips? Let’s leave some room for pondering.

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