How to Reduce Your Eye Strain with Blue Light Glasses?

Updated on January 9, 2023 | by Steffi Stark

Blue Light Glasses

Blue light, commonly known as blue-ray light, is a wavelength-shortened form of light. Not to confuse it with the UV lights; these are different! Because they aren’t emitted naturally, they come out of your mobile device, computer screen, flat-screen television, and other gadgets with displays.

It’s almost impossible to escape blue light waves. If you wonder why the answer is simple, people spend more time in front of digital gadgets than before. No matter which electronic device we’re talking about. Adults spend up to six hours a day in front of screens, while teenagers spend seven hours per day.

Influence of Screen Light on Your Health!

Screen time and blue light can influence your eye health and the musculoskeletal and physiological concerns that can arise from spending so much time browsing through social media, reading the news, or watching TV shows. 

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Here’s Why Blue Light Matter:

On the light spectrum, blue light is a form of visible light. It has a wavelength of 415 to 455 nanometers, which is short. As a result, blue light beams have more energy than other forms of light.

Artificial sources aren’t the only ones that emit blue light. For example, when we look up at a blue sky, we perceive blue light naturally.

Humans were only exposed to blue light during the hours when the sun was up for thousands of years. As a result, our brains have been conditioned to interpret blue light as a signal to be awake, active, and ready for action.

That’s why being exposed to blue light from a smartphone might cause your body to become confused. In addition, high levels of exposure to blue light from an artificial source in an otherwise dark area might also impact your sleeping and waking cycle.

Additionally, your eyes might become weary when exposed to it for too much!

Blue Light Glasses: Your Ultimate Savior!

Given how adverse the effects of blue light are, Blue light glasses have been the ultimate savior for the people! Blue light lenses come with a pale yellow tint coated via a filter to help you avoid filter damaging blue light while altering the wavelength.

Blue light lenses help you prevent the overall transmission of a specific range of wavelengths, filtering out harmful blue light. These blue light glasses are meant to avoid eye strain caused via digital means and avoid circadian rhythm cycle disturbance. 

Here are a few ways to reduce your eye strain using blue light glasses:

  1. First, take “screen breaks” from time to time. This may be accomplished by taking daytime walks outside. During these pauses, don’t look at your phone. You can also acquire vitamin D and connect with the natural world while spending time outdoors, which can help you relax.
  1. Dim the lights in your house or place of business. As a nightlight in your bedroom, consider employing a red light rather than an LED bulb. Because red wavelengths are shorter, they are less likely to disrupt your circadian cycle.
  1. Consider switching to “blue-free” light bulbs. You can install them across your house and emit lesser levels of blue light.

Now You Know!

While there are many blue glass brands globally, you might want to move in with reliable professionals like SmartBuyGlasses UK to ensure that your glasses are of premium grade. Therefore, now that you know the correct measures make the most of it!

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