Four Reasons to Send Your Son or Daughter Abroad

Send Your Son or Daughter Abroad
Jan 4, 2024 Reading time : 4 min

Many mothers and fathers ask, should I send my child to study abroad? Why? And deep down, many of you already know the answer, but fear stops us from making this important decision. The fear of distance, ignorance, and uncertainty, and how to keep your daughter safe stop us from offering a unique opportunity at an age when they have everything to learn and get the best out of this experience. 

And it is that apart from the language, there are countless advantages of studying abroad. For this reason, today we bring you a post in which we will highlight four main reasons why you should consider this option, so why change your question to what is the best country to study abroad?

Maturity and Flexibility

One of the things that parents tell us the most when their children return from a school year abroad is: “A child left and an adult returned”. And it is that living abroad makes us all mature, from the smallest to the oldest of all, since leaving our comfort zone makes us have to adapt to everything that comes. Certain child safety apps help parents keep an eye on their young adults.

Without a doubt, it is an experience of personal growth, which will help your child to gain perspective and realize what they have, and to value everything that comes from now on much more. Adapting implies having to make decisions without the help of the parents, therefore, he will adopt much more confidence in himself and in his decisions, as well as independence and an enormous capacity for adaptation. And it is that, as parents, we are used to giving him everything immediately, to pave the way for him to stumble as little as possible, and this is fine sometimes. But if we want him to mature and become a flexible and capable adult on his own, we must leave him a space where he can do and undo, make mistakes and learn.

Cultural and Emotional Intelligence

Cultural intelligence is the ability to interact effectively and smoothly in different cross-cultural contexts or challenges. A type of intelligence that, as its name and description indicate, is achieved through interaction with different cultures, and that is enhanced when you go to live abroad since you will not only have to adapt to a new culture, from which you will learn a lot, but you will also have the opportunity to meet many people from different parts of the world who are living the same experience as you.

During a school year abroad, students live with a native family of the country to which they go, they meet with native students and, in addition, many other international students. In this way, they learn to function in an environment of diversity, communicate in a different language, and live together in an environment and culture different from their own. This process helps them change their way of thinking and have a broader vision of absolutely everything since until now their vision is linear, limited by what they see every day. Upon returning, your child will have become a much more respectful and tolerant person, with a very open mind and a much broader cultural, and therefore emotional, vision.


As we have mentioned before, studying abroad helps to gain perspective and see and face situations from another angle. Meeting diverse people, living with different cultures, and learning many new things will force you to open up and question new points of view.

This will help your child’s horizon of possibilities to expand, in such a way that they will develop more enriching and valuable points of view, with a lot of new information.

Laboral Future

Related to the previous topic, this perspective and new points of view will make your child capable of developing innovative or different ideas in the future, since they will have a lot of valuable information that they can apply in the professional future.

Undoubtedly, an international experience opens doors to the professional future. The human resources managers of companies know that an international experience in the CV gives you perspective, maturity, and tolerance, some of the most sought-after soft skills in a job position. And of course, and not least.

We hope that after reading this, you feel like making this decision and offering a school year abroad for your son or daughter. However, tell you that the improvement is not automatic. It is not enough to set foot outside, we have to focus on the experience well since each student has a different profile and concerns. We study each case in order to take advantage of your child’s full potential and make the experience as enriching as possible. Do you want to tell us about your case? We hear you!

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